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5 Nov , 2014  

Matthew McConaughey Anne Hathaway and David Gyasi in Interstellar

A film of enormous ambition and stunning technical accomplishment, director Christopher Nolan’s space epic dares to dream big and mostly succeeds, even if its reach occasionally exceeds its grasp.



Film Notes #14: Following (1998)

6 Apr , 2012  


Christopher Nolan’s debut film is #14 in our Film Notes series.



Del Toro and Nolan on Memento

16 Nov , 2011  

Del Toro and Nolan discuss Memento

Earlier this year Guillermo Del Toro sat down with Christopher Nolan to discuss Memento in Los Angeles.


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From Celluloid to Digital

15 Nov , 2011  

From Celluloid to Digital

The digital revolution in how films are seen and made is currently spelling a slow death for celluloid.

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Christopher Nolan and David Fincher on Terrence Malick

16 Jun , 2011  

Nolan and Fincher on Malick

Christopher Nolan and David Fincher explain why they love the work of Terrence Malick

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The Dark Knight Rises in London

16 Jun , 2011  

The Dark Knight Rises in London

Various photos of the upcoming Batman film The Dark Knight Rises shooting in London have surfaced online.

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Inception Spelling

26 Apr , 2011  

Inception Dreams Banner

Have you noticed what the first letters of each of the main character’s names in Inception spell?


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Oscar Special Mentions

27 Feb , 2011  

Oscar Special Mentions

As the awards season comes to a close, let’s forget about the campaigning and debate about what would or should win and give a special mention for some of tonight’s nominees.

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Inception in Real-Time

6 Dec , 2010  

Inception Real Time Version

Someone has edited together the different sections of Inception so that they play in real time.



Blu-ray: Inception

5 Dec , 2010  

Inception on Blu-ray cover

Christopher Nolan’s ambitious heist film was one of the most talked about blockbusters of the year and Warner Bros have given it a worthy Blu-ray release.


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Memento Visualisations

18 Nov , 2010  

Memento String Wallchart

Some interesting graphic visualisations of Christopher Nolan’s Memento (2000) by Density Design.



If Inception Was A One Minute Film

12 Nov , 2010  

The One Minute Version of Inception

The one minute version of Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster…

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Blu-ray: Memento

4 Oct , 2010  

Memento on Blu-ray

Christopher Nolan’s exceptional 2000 thriller gets a Blu-ray release.


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Inception Viral Marketing

18 Aug , 2010  

Inception Viral Video

The online marketing campaign for Inception made clever use of Facebook and even a YouTube video featuring director Christopher Nolan.


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Batman logos in early Christopher Nolan films

13 Aug , 2010  

Batman logo in Following

Christopher Nolan became an A-List Hollywood director with Batman Begins (2005) and The Dark Knight (2008) but his early films also contain intriguing images related the caped crusader.

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Inception Timeline Graphic

28 Jul , 2010  

A graphic by dehahs at DeviantART that visualises Christopher Nolan’s Inception


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10 Jul , 2010  

A blockbuster with brains and style, Inception is Christopher Nolan’s most ambitious film to date, although how mainstream audiences respond to this intricate tale of dreams being stolen is an open question.

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BP Inception Poster

23 Jun , 2010  

What if Christopher Nolan directed a new thriller about the BP oil spill?

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Inception teaser trailer

25 Aug , 2009  

The teaser trailer for Christopher Nolan’s new film Inception


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How Chris Nolan rebooted Batman

18 Jul , 2008  

Today the new Batman film The Dark Knight hits US cinemas and will be opening in the UK a week later. It is one of the most eagerly awaited films of the year and so I thought I’d write about the history of Batman on film, how the franchise was rebooted under director Christopher Nolan, the latest […]

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