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Batman logos in early Christopher Nolan films

13 Aug , 2010  

Batman logo in Following

Christopher Nolan became an A-List Hollywood director with Batman Begins (2005) and The Dark Knight (2008) but his early films also contain intriguing images related the caped crusader.

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Warner Bros respond to Turkish lawsuit

20 Nov , 2008  

Warner Bros repond to that silly lawsuit from the town of Batman in Turkey. [Link via DHD]


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The Daily Video: The Dark Knight 1989 Style

18 Sep , 2008  

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Friction.TV: The Dark Knight

25 Jul , 2008  

I just posted my reaction to The Dark Knight on outside the BFI London IMAX: If you want to respond by video or text just sign up at their site. > More debates at > Check out our in depth preview of The Dark Knight > A post back in December about the […]

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Kevin Smith on the /Filmcast

23 Jul , 2008  

If you didn’t catch it the other night the /Filmcast podcast with special guest Kevin Smith was great. It was a discussion of The Dark Knight but also got into other areas such as the new Watchmen trailer, the Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher films (my favourite anecdote was what Kevin was doing the day […]

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The Dark Knight takes blockbusters to a new level

20 Jul , 2008  

On Friday I finally saw The Dark Knight at a press screening in London, the same day that it broke box office records in the US. There is no doubt that this film has transcended its comic book origins to become one of the most accomplished and ambitious blockbusters in years. As I couldn’t make […]

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How Chris Nolan rebooted Batman

18 Jul , 2008  

Today the new Batman film The Dark Knight hits US cinemas and will be opening in the UK a week later. It is one of the most eagerly awaited films of the year and so I thought I’d write about the history of Batman on film, how the franchise was rebooted under director Christopher Nolan, the latest […]

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Batman vs The Dark Knight

30 Apr , 2008  

College Humour have done an edit of Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman film cut alongside the trailer for the upcoming The Dark Knight. Notice the similarities: