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Edgar Wright on Flickr

Director Edgar Wright has a Flickr account and has been posting a lot of photos of late, including ones from the set of his latest film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World which stars Michael Cera and Mary Elisabeth Wanstead.

Here is a slide show of his ‘Edgar’s Photo A Day 2009’ collection:

He also has a blog and a MySpace page.

If you still haven’t seen Spaced (and I’m still surprised by the amount of people that haven’t) then you can buy it on DVD here.

Amusing Random

The Colouring

Dan Britt has taken audio from The Shining and put it to this strange colouring book-style animation.

The Colouring from Dan Britt on Vimeo.


Soul Man

Can you imagine the outcry if a film like Soul Man (1986) was made today?

Come to think of it, I’m surprised it didn’t cause more of an uproar back when it came out.

Amusing Random

When Alfred Hitchcock met James Brown

The following clip is from The Mike Douglas Show in 1969 when James Brown asked Alfred Hitchcock about Psycho (which the singer mistakenly calls ‘Homicidal’).

Hitch was on there to promote Topaz and the panel also features poet and songwriter Rod McKuen and Joan Rivers.

Interesting Random

John Humphrys interviews Clint Eastwood in 1967

John Humphrys is now famous for grilling politicians on the Today programme on Radio 4 but back in 1967 he interviewed a young Clint Eastwood.

The actor was in the UK on a promotional tour for a Fistful of Dollars, which was then getting released at cinemas.

It is heartening to think that both of them are still going strong in their respective careers.

[Link via Cinebeats]


Wake Up Time To Die T-Shirts

Wake Up Time To Die T-Shirts

Wake Up Time To Die is a new online store that sells movie-related t-shirts.

Can you guess which movies inspired the above shirts?


Random TV

Independence Day on Film and TV

In honour of Independence Day (July 4th) here are a few relevant clips from film and TV.

The drafting of the declaration of independence in the HBO series John Adams, which sees Thomas Jefferson (Stephen Dillane), Benjamin Franklin (Tom Wilkinson) and Adams (Paul Giamatti) read through the original draft.

From the same series this is the scene where Congress approve of the separation from Great Britain.

The trailer for Oliver Stone’s Born on the 4th of July:

The famous Superbowl teaser trailer for Independence Day in 1996:

This short film of the 4th of July fireworks in New York was shot by Mike Kobal on a Canon camera.

Can you think of any others?


Transformers: Revenge of the Leaden

After ‘teaming up’ with ILM, Michael Bay and the Transformers website, I thought this video succinctly expresses how I feel about the new film.

make your own here
Interesting Random

Barcelona meets Gladiator

In the aftermath of last week’s Champions League final last Wednesday, it was revealed that Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola had showed his players an inspirational video ten minutes before kick-off to get them in the mood for their now famous 2-0 victory.

The film is essentially a Barca ‘greatest hits’ package that mixes images from Gladiator to the film’s soundtrack by Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard, before being rounded off with a blast of the opera Turandot performed by Pavarotti.


According to reports, the film moved several of the players to tears and has been hailed as a masterstroke by the rookie manager who doesn’t actually appear in the movie.

Although given how dominant Manchester United were in the opening 10 minutes, maybe it took a while to sink in.

Last night it was shown on Catalonia’s public television channel TV3.

> BBC report on last week’s final
> Buy the Gladiator soundtrack at Amazon

Images Posters Random

Looking for United

There’s a new Ken Loach film about a Manchester United legend coming out.

But what if he made one about last night’s Champions League final?

Looking for Utd

> Official site for Looking For Eric
> BBC Sport on last night’s game

Interesting Random

The Klaus Kinski Tape

Actor Klaus Kinski and director Werner Herzog became famous for their numerous collaborations and on-set bust ups.

However, this footage of Herzog playing back an audio tape from the set of Aguirre, Wrath of God is fascinating precisely because we don’t see the manic, bulging intensity of Kinski’s face.

For those who haven’t seen them, Lesley Blank’s Burden of Dreams (a documentary about the making of Fizcarraldo) and Herzog’s My Best Fiend are essential viewing.

> More on Klaus Kinski and Werner Herzog at Wikipedia
> Watch My Best Fiend on YouTube

Amusing Random

Star Trek Movie Recognition Chart

Star Trek movie recognition chart

Luke McKinney has posted a complex but handy flow chart to let you identify which Star Trek movie is which.

(Click on the image above or here for a larger version)


Variety Exorcist Fail

Variety Exorcist Fail

Industry bible Variety has a new feature on films that have caused religious controversy.

But why are they listing The Exorcist as a 1979 film? 

General knowledge or even a quick IMDb check shows that it came out in 1973. 

Has someone been possessed over at their offices on Wilshire Blvd

Or perhaps their fact checking is no longer boffo since Peter Bart ankled upstairs?

Speaking of the classic horror film, there is now some unlikely merchandise available:

Exorcist merchandise

It can be bought here.

> The Exorcist at IMDb
> More on the book at Wikipedia 
> Official Warner Bros site for the film

Random Viral Video

The Tarantino Mixtape

This rather cool mashup of the films of Quentin Tarantino is by Eclectic Method.

[Link via /Film]

Amusing Random

Tip Toes

When films go straight-to-DVD, you might be forgiven for thinking they are cheesy Steven Seagal thrillers or low budget nonsense featuring actors you’ve never heard of.

But then there are films like Tip Toes.

This is a feature starring Gary OldmanKate BeckinsaleMatthew McConaughey and Peter Dinklage and is listed on the IMDb as being a 2003 film.

According to it’s DVD cover, it was also an official selection at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival (!).

Aside from the fact that the trailer plays like a warped update of Freaks, the voiceover appears to be taking the piss and the whole thing has the feel of some kind of acid-drenched hoax. 

What exactly happened here people?

[Link via Graham Linehan and Videogum]

> Tip Toes at the IMDb and Wikipedia
> DVD Verdict with more info

Amusing Random

Worst Death Scene Ever?

This death scene from Hard Ticket To Hawaii must rank amongst the worst in film history.

[Link via Buzzfeed]

Interesting music Random

John Carpenter vs Harold Faltermeyer

Notice the similarities between John Carpenter’s score for Escape From New York (1981) and Harold Faltermeyer’s music in Beverly Hills Cop II.

Listen to Carpenter’s track when the Duke arrives at the library:

It was also used in the trailer:

Now listen to Faltermeyer’s track for the opening bank robbery in Beverly Hills Cop II (1987):

Very similar don’t you think?


Halloween Theme

The theme from John Carpenter’s Halloween as played by YouTube user Doctor Gradus.

> Check out the trailer for the 1978 horror film
> Find out more about John Carpenter at Wikipedia

News Random

Strange Plot Keywords at the IMDb

When you think of plot keywords for movies you might think mafia for The Godfather or drugs for Trainspotting.

But what about The Mist, last year’s adaptation of the Stephen King novella by Frank Darabont?

If you look it up on the IMDb then you might find some interesting plot keywords, in particular the phrase:

The Black Guy Dies

Now, I don’t mean to sound like a member of the politically correct police but isn’t this a little dodgy?

Futhermore isn’t it a plot spoiler, if you do get around to seeing the film?

I know you have to roll your mouse over the keywords on the front page of each entry but it still seems wrong.

This ‘plot keyword’ or phrase even has it’s own tag section which lists various films, although I’m wary of even linking to it as it contains a number of prominent films where, well…, take a guess.

Your thoughts?

[Original screenshot found via Popurls]

DVD & Blu-ray Random

The DVD pile

The DVD screener pile

One question I get asked a lot is:

How many DVDs do you have?

To which I usually reply: ‘not as many as you might think’.

The truth is that although I have a reasonable collection, most of the DVDs I watch in a week are screeners of forthcoming releases that I have to review.

Most of the new films I see are screenings of upcoming cinema releases and when I check out DVDs it is often to review regular releases or re-issues of notable films.  

Above is my current backlog of DVDs I have to check out for review.

As you can see they don’t look like regular discs in that they come in sleeves or basic plastic cases without the full retail packaging. 

Despite that, they nearly always have the full set of features although occasionally smaller film companies send you a basic screener of a limited theatrical release.

(For anti-piracy reasons they are usually timecoded or watermarked in someway).

The current crop of DVDs I’m getting through include the following titles:

When I finish getting through them, I’ll put them up in my usual Monday rundown
If you have any questions about forthcoming releases or any other queries then just email me or leave a comment below.
> Check out this week’s DVD picks (W/C Monday 6th October)
> Bookmark this link for any DVD activity on the site 
Amusing Random

Windows 95 promo with Jennifer Aniston & Matthew Perry

A strange promotional/instructional video for Windows 95 starring Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston, who had just become big stars in Friends when this was made.

Random Technology Thoughts

Ten Things Movies Told Us About Technology This Summer

Hollywood has long had an interesting relationship with technology from classic films like 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) to nonsense like The Net (1995).

Since the rise of the PC over 15 years ago, computers haven’t always always been portrayed accurately in films.

For example in real life when you download something on your computer, the screen looks something like this:

But in a movie it often looks more like this:

But how about this summer’s crop of movies?

Here is a list of what we learned about technology on the big screen this summer:


If you are a billionaire industrialist trying to make a robotic suit that will turn you into a superhero, you still face the same dilemma as millions of computer users: do you use Mac or PC?

In order to become Iron Man, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jnr) appeared to use both.

In this summer’s first blockbuster, I caught a glimpse of a heavy duty Dell workstation and some Mac Pros – maybe he uses the Dells to crunch some stats and the Macs for the sleek design? Or maybe the two companies paid Marvel a ton of money to feature both.


One of the most startling scientific revelations from this summer’s movie season was that Indiana Jones could survive a nuclear explosion by hiding …in a lead lined fridge.

It even led to a term being coined: “Nuking the Fridge“, which is supposed to be some kind of follow up to ‘Jump the Shark‘.

This video explains the terms:

Nuke The Fridge

One commentator suggested that:

The problem is that, even if he didn’t get flattened, horribly burned or suffocated (kids, don’t hide in refrigerators), Indy almost certainly would have gotten a lethal dose of radiation from the fallout.

Will the next Indy movie be called Indiana Jones and the Fallout from the Lead Lined Fridge?


The cutest futuristic robot since Silent Running charmed audiences worldwide with his impressive devotion to cleaning up planet Earth and love of old musicals.

But where do the MPAA stand on his flagrant disregard of copyright law? Not only does he illegally record ‘Hello Dolly!‘ but there is no compensation for the artists involved.

However, given that the film takes place hundreds of years into the future, I think we can safely assume the 20th Century Fox musical will by then be in the public domain. Unless News Corp and Fox owner Rupert Murdoch lives forever (which shouldn’t be ruled out…)


If you were a fan of HBO‘s Sex and the City you will have noticed that Carrie Bradshaw wrote everything on her MacBook Pro.

However, in the movie version of the show she can’t seem to handle the iPhone.

When she needs a phone at her wedding in order to get in touch with her husband-to-be (Mr. Big) she is dismayed at the iPhone’s touch interface, saying ‘I can’t work this’.

Maybe some brushing up is needed for the next film?


In contrast to Carrie, Batman (Christian Bale) in The Dark Knight has a surer grasp on mobile phone technology.

Not only does he have a brilliant CEO named Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) who supplies him with all the gadgets a night time vigilante needs, but he also has an intimate knowledge of Gotham’s phone network.

However, in a move that will give Steve Jobs pause for thought, Bruce is introduced to the new Nokia ‘iPhone killer’ by Lucius on a trip to Hong Kong and it proves invaluable in extraditing a criminal.

Despite official denials from Nokia that the phone doesn’t exist, it looks like it could be the prototype for the Nokia 5200 – which is nicknamed ‘The Tube’.

Reports of a red version in a glass case, that lights up every time someone calls, were sketchy as this article went to press…


When you are the demonic spawn of a Nazi experiment gone wrong – that now secretly works for the US government as secret agent – anonymity is tough. Especially when you are Hellboy, who is bright red with horns and a tail.

In the first Hellboy he just about covered his tracks but in this summer’s sequel, Hellboy II: The Golden Army, he couldn’t escape the attentions of citizen journalists in the Web 2.0 era, prompting his boss Tom Manning (Jeffrey Tambor) to snarl: “God, I HATE YouTube”.

The same sentiments could apply to Viacom’s lawyers.


Like some internet refuseniks (mainly older guys working in the newspaper industry) the aliens in the unfunny Eddie Murphy comedy Meet Dave are tickled pink that humans search and store information in places called Google and Yahoo.

Believe it or not, this was actually one of the funnier jokes in this dull Eddie Murphy vehicle which saw an alien spaceship (Eddie Murphy) land on Earth piloted by lots of little aliens led by a Captain (Eddie Murphy). Confused? Google it.


When you are the victim of a radiation experiment that periodically turns you into a large green monster, what do you do when hiding out in Brazil from the clutches of the US government?

If you are Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) in The Incredible Hulk, you use a creaky old laptop and what appears to be an encrypted IRC program (remember those?) to communicate with a fellow scientist about a possible cure.

Would Skype not have been a better option, especially given its appropriately green icons?


Whilst Tony Stark seems happy to multitask on both, it seems Mariah Carey is a Mac devotee. In the Adam Sandler comedy You Don’t Mess With The Zohan, Mariah appears as herself in a cameo and in one scene her assistants are asked what she prefers: Macs or PCs?

Given that the film was funded by Sony, I was fully expecting them to say ‘PC’ and that (like James Bond) she is a huge fan of the Sony Vaio laptop. But no, they look at one another – as if to say ‘what a silly question!’ – and eagerly report she loves Macs.

High fives all round at Cupertino.


Many people find that that DVRs like the TiVo has changed their TV viewing habits, but in the new Ben Stiller comedy Tropic Thunder we find that it has more uses.

But given that the film hasn’t opened yet I don’t want to spoil why…

Can you think of any other memorable tech moments in the movies this summer?

> 2008 in film at Wikipedia
> The Inquirer’s Top 10 Technology Films
> The uses of computers in movies at

Interesting Random

Predator Politicians

Who would have thought in 1987 that three actors from Predator would go on to become US politicians?

Arnold Schwarzenegger (Dutch) is the current governor of California, Jesse Ventura (Blain) was the 38th Governor of Minnesota between 1999 and 2003 and Sonny Landham (Billy) is now a Libertarian candidate for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Mitch McConnell.

> Predator at the IMDb
> More videos at Slate V

Amusing Random

Simon Bates 15 certificate video

If, like me, you grew up watching films on video in the UK you might remember this VSC infomercial with Simon Bates (the former Radio 1 DJ) which explained to viewers why a film had a certain certificate.

What is amusing about them now is the dry way in which they discuss sex and swearing like it was a scientific experiment.

> Find out more about British film ratings at WIkipedia
> Simon Bates at Radio Rewind


Movie Marketing Ideas That Never Were

Movie marketing isn’t an exact science but have you ever seen a film that was crying out for a tie-in or some kind of clever hook?

Here are some light hearted movie marketing ideas that never happened.


This is a phrase I’ve heard from several people as kind of a gag, but the question needs to be asked. Why on earth has George Lucas never released a Star Wars film on May 4th?

In 1977 the first film came out on May 25th, in 1980 The Empire Strikes Back was released on May 21st, whilst in 1983 Return of the Jedi was unleashed on May 25th.

So, what about the prequels? Maybe they didn’t need the publicity, but let’s see. The Phantom Menace came out on May 19th 1999, Attack of the Clones on May 16th 2002 and Revenge of the Sith on May 19th 2005.

According to Wikipedia, May 4th is even known as ‘Star Wars Day‘ – so why have there never been any Star Wars movies released on this date?

I sense a missed opportunity in the Force.


DiG! is a 2004 documentary about two rival bands: The Dandy Warhols and The Brian Jonestown Massacre. It won the Grand Jury Prize at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival and is a highly entertaining look at two very different approaches to life in the music industry.

The same year, Kevin Rose was starting the social news website called Digg, which is now pretty big. How about a tie-in for a future DVD release? Maybe users could Digg DiG


Microsoft launched their latest operating system with a rather confusing campaign using the word Wow. Given that they spent an estimated $500 million on the campaign and people actually want to go back to XP, surely they should have spent some money on a big name?

How about someone famous and not afraid of making a fool of himself in Japanese beer adverts? Yes, why not get Arnold Schwarzenegger to reprise his famous Terminator 2 catchphrase? Hasta La Windows Vista, Baby.


Firefox is a 1982 thriller starring Clint Eastwood as pilot who steals a highly advanced Soviet fighter plane (code named “Firefox”) which carries weapons controlled by thought (yes, really).

Although it grossed $46,700,000 at US cinemas, I think we can safely say it isn’t one of Warner Home Video’s biggest ever titles.

How about bundling a revamped special edition DVD with the latest version of Mozilla’s Firefox browser?


In 1998 Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan reteamed for a romantic comedy called You’ve Got Mail after the success of Sleepless in Seattle in 1993. The title of this film was based on the – now rather dated – greeting that AOL users heard when they received new e-mail.

How about Nora Eprhon doing a Google funded director’s cut where Hanks and Ryan use the much cooler Gmail?


Last year I remember seeing some smart comments on Hollywood Elsewhere about the marketing of The Bourne Ultimatum. The first one sheet poster was based around the idea of Jason Bourne returning to the US (‘This summer Jason Bourne is coming home’), so someone suggested the phrase ‘Bourne in the USA’.

Given that the Bourne movies and Bruce Springsteen are both popular and politically savvy, what ever happened to the tie-in album? 😉

Any other ideas? Leave them below.

> Movie Marketing Madness
> Film marketing at Wikipedia

Amusing Random Short Films

Telly Savalas Looks at Birmingham

Back in the 1970s Telly Savalas (best known for playing Kojak) recorded a series of short films that extolled the virtues of UK cities like Birmingham, Aberdeen and Portsmouth.

I recently came across a Radio 4 show (via the excellent Speechification) about these bizarre and unintentionally hilarious films.

Check out Telly Savalas Looks at Birmingham, England:

Known as ‘quota quickies’, they were a product of the Cinematograph Films Act of 1927 which meant that short films – or supporting features as they were known back then – were subsidised by the government to offset the dominance of the Hollywood main features.

They were made by director Harold Baim who managed to persuade Savalas via his agent – Dennis Selinger of ICM – to provide the voice for these travelogues.

What makes it even funnier is that Savalas never even visited the locations he is waxing lyrical about.

You can listen to the Radio 4 show here or download it as an MP3 here.

> Find out more about Telly Savalas at Wikipedia
> Radio 4 page for Telly Savalas and the Quota Quickies
> The Baim Collection

Amusing Random

Uwe Boll petition

German uber-hack director Uwe Boll has said he will retire if a million people sign this online petition for him to stop making films.

The people behind it state:

To Dr Uwe Boll,

We, the undersigned, respectfully ask that Uwe Boll give proper weight to the wishes of the video game community, the horror community, and the film going community in general and stop directing, producing, or taking any part in the creation of feature films.

His distasteful handling of the subject matter and lack of acknowledgement of his failures simply cannot be abided any longer.

Mr. Boll has repeatedly shown a complete lack of comprehension regarding the videogames he has dragged, kicking and screaming, to the silver screen and his ham-fisted approach to horror has soiled future possibilities for anyone else who may attempt to bring videogames to film.


The Undersigned

You can sign it here.

> Uwe Boll at the IMDb
> Some reviews of his work at Rotten Tomatoes

Random Technology

Twitter updates

TwitterI’ve added a Twitter sidebar to the site.

I want to log every film I see with a quick update, plus its also there for things that are a bit too short for regular blog posts.

Plus, if you are a Twitter user you can also follow the feed here.

Let me know what you think.

> The FILMdetail Twitter feed
> Find out more about Twitter at Wikipedia

Random Viral Video

Coen Brothers montage

This is a rather impressive montage of films by the Coen Brothers by Paul Proulx – the man behind the recent Paul Thomas Anderson video:

Amusing Random

Farrah Fawcett on Letterman

The legendary Farrah Fawcett interview on Letterman from June 1997 (in three parts):

You can see a transcript here.

UPDATE 27/06/09: As CBS have ordered YouTube to take down the videos try this one instead (it might take a minute to load).


I Am Legend golf balls

As someone who sees a lot of films and reviews them online or on the radio, I get sent a lot of merchandise about upcoming releases.

Often they stay in a draw, but I thought I’d start sharing them here as some items can be quite cool.

For the release of I Am Legend I got sent some specially branded golf balls.

I Am Legend golf balls

This is a reference to the scene where Will Smith’s character hits some off a fighter jet in a deserted New York.

> I Am Legend at the IMDb
> Find out more about Golf at Wikipedia


March 2nd Birthdays

A list of some people who (like me) were born on March 2nd:

[List courtesy of Wikipedia]

Amusing Random

Rejected Star Wars merchandise

Cinematical has posted some highly amusing items of rejected Star Wars merchandise including:

A Han Solo fridge (or should that be carbon freezer?):

Han Solo Fridge
A Jabba the Hut beanbag chair:

Jabba the Hut beanbag chair
And – my favourite – a Death Star grill:

Deathstar Grill

> There are more items of rejected Star Wars merchandise at Action Figure Insider
> More on Star Wars at Wookiepedia

Interesting Random

8 and 2 in Magnolia

The numbers 8 and 2 appear throughout the course of Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia (1999). But why?

Rene Rodriguez of the Miami Herald has posted some screengrabs of instances where the numbers appear.

** By the way, if you haven’t seen the film, go away, watch it and come back because this post contains some spoilers.**

82 Rain

82 roof

82 exodus

If you aren’t familiar with Paul Thomas Anderson’s classic 1999 film, it is a drama about several characters who’s lives intersect in an area of the San Fernando Valley.

As Rene points out the 8 and 2 refers to the Biblical passage in Exodus 8:2 that is relevant to the film’s climax. But the film is riddled with many 8 and 2 references.

For example, here are all the main characters in the film and their relationships:

There are 10 characters, consisting of 8 children/relatives and 2 fathers (Jimmy and Earl), which is possibly significant given that their particular relationship is central to the film.

It is also a major theme in other PTA works like Hard Eight, Boogie Nights and There Will Be Blood.

The IMDb trivia section for the film notes many other 8/2 references:

  • The first weather forecast is 82% chance of rain.
  • The gambler in the prologue needs a 2 in blackjack, but instead gets an 8.
  • The coil of rope on the roof when Sydney commits suicide.
  • One of the posters held up in the ‘What Do Kids Know’ audience.
  • The movie poster at the bus stop on Magnolia Blvd.
  • The placard on the third hanged convict.
  • Jim Kurring’s box number at the date hot line.
  • Sydney Barringer’s mother and father’s apartment number is 682.
  • The forensic science convention starts at 8:20.
  • Delmer Darion flips over a stack of cards to reveal the 8 through 2 of diamonds.
  • Right after Jim Kurring sees Donnie Smith climbing up the building, you can see a flash of a sign on the side of the road that says “Exodus 8:2” (it’s visible again when the frogs fall and hit Kurring’s car)
  • The number on the fire fighter’s plane.
  • In Marcy’s mug shots, her criminal record number is 82082082082.
  • In the Smiling Peanut bar, there is a chalkboard visible with two teams, the frogs and the clouds, and the score is 8 to 2.
  • Spray painted on the cement as graffiti next to Dixon.
  • The kids were two days away from entering their eighth week as champions.
  • The first two numbers of the Seduce and Destroy Hotline (1-877-TAME-HER) are 82.
  • At the police station in the beginning of the movie, the clock says 8:02.
  • When Jim Kurring notices Quiz Kid Donnie Smith climbing on the Solomon & Solomon building he drives past a luminous sign saying “Exodus 8:2”.

PTA has said this about the flim’s climax:

It truly came from a slightly gimmicky and exciting place. I’d read about rains of frogs in the works of Charles Fort (His “Book of the Damned” is the genesis for the rain of frogs), who was a turn of the century writer who wrote mainly about odd phenomena.

So I just started writing it in to the script. It wasn’t until after I got through with the writing that I began to discover what it might mean, which is this: you get to a point in your life, and shit is happening, and everything’s out of your control, and suddenly, a rain of frogs just makes sense.

You’re staring at a doctor who is telling you something is wrong, and while we know what it is, we have no way of fixing it. And you just go: “So what you’re telling me, basically, is that it’s raining frogs from the sky.”

I’m not someone who’s ever had a special fascination with UFO’s or supernatural phenomena or anything but I guess I just found myself at a point in my life where I was going through some shitty stuff, and I was ready for some sort of weird religious experience, or as close as I could get to one.

So then I began to decipher things about frogs and history things like this notion that as far back as the Romans, people have been able to judge the health of a society by the health of its frogs: the health of a frog, the vibe of a frog, the texture of the frog, its looks, how much wetness is on it, everything.

The frogs are a barometer for who we are as a people. We’re polluting ourselves, we’re killing ourselves, and the frogs are telling us so, because they’re all getting sick and deformed. And I didn’t even know it was in the bible until Henry Gibson gave me a copy of it, bookmarked to the appropriate frog passage.

According to the excellent PTA fansite Cigarettes and Red Vines:

…it became a pasttime on set for Paul and the crew of Magnolia to hide as many references to the numbers 8 and 2 as they could in shots.

If you see any more , leave them in the comments below.

Rene Rodriguez on 82 in Magnolia
> Trivia for the film at the IMDb
> Magnolia reviews at Metacritic
> Buy Magnolia at Amazon UK
> More about the 8 and 2s in Magnolia at Wikipedia

Amusing Random

Merry New Year 2008

Lists Random

The 12 Most Influential Online Videos of All Time

The Webby Awards have compiled a list of what they consider the most influential online videos of all time.

There are some interesting albeit obvious choices here – especially Jennicam – but I guess the fact that you could add a lot more (such as Evolution of Dance, Leave Britney Alone! and Ronaldinho: Touch of Gold) shows how online video has exploded in the last couple of years.

Anyway their list is:


All Your Base Are Belong To Us

The Hire

The Star Wars Kid

This Land

Subservient Chicken

Lazy Sunday (which the dumbasses at NBC still won’t allow on YouTube)

The Israel-Hizbollah War

Lonelygirl 15

OK – Here We Go Again

George Allen’s Macaca Moment

The Zidane Headbutt

Amusing Random Trailers

Commando Trailer

YouTube is always a great place to check out trailers for old movies that have dated badly.

For example, check out the following trailer for 80s action film Commando starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Note the requisite deep voiceover from Hal Douglas, the trademark monosyllabic wise cracks, endless explosions, weird bongo style music and the hilariously cheesy final line.

It is so 1985.


Amusing Random

Cinematic Pumpkins

SlashFilm has posted a wonderful collection of cinematic pumpkin carvings to celebrate Halloween.

These two are inspired by Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Pumpkin NBC

Check them out the rest here.

> Check out SlashFilm
> Find out more about Halloween at Wikipedia

Amusing Random

Star Wars Trumpet

This is Stacey Hedger, who has now become an unlikely star on YouTube for playing the Star Wars theme on a trumpet.


Here are some more details from the YouTube user who uploaded it:

I work in TV Sports, this tape has circulated amongst our tape rooms for years, I figured it was only natural to be on YouTube.

I’m of the understanding it was a statewide beauty pagaent, and Stacy is Miss Douglas County.

I have no idea who she is, or if she even knew there was a talent portion of the contest.

It’s believed that the tape has origins in the Kansas City area, and I thought it was a Nebraska beauty pageant.

If anyone has any other details on this leave them in the comments section below.

Amusing Random

Ghostbusters vs Jesus

Should this photoshopped image be renamed Ghostbusters vs The Holy Ghost?

Ghostbusters vs Jesus

[Link via Digg]

> Ghostbusters at the IMDb
> More on the Holy Ghost at Wikipedia