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Strange Plot Keywords at the IMDb

When you think of plot keywords for movies you might think mafia for The Godfather or drugs for Trainspotting.

But what about The Mist, last year’s adaptation of the Stephen King novella by Frank Darabont?

If you look it up on the IMDb then you might find some interesting plot keywords, in particular the phrase:

The Black Guy Dies

Now, I don’t mean to sound like a member of the politically correct police but isn’t this a little dodgy?

Futhermore isn’t it a plot spoiler, if you do get around to seeing the film?

I know you have to roll your mouse over the keywords on the front page of each entry but it still seems wrong.

This ‘plot keyword’ or phrase even has it’s own tag section which lists various films, although I’m wary of even linking to it as it contains a number of prominent films where, well…, take a guess.

Your thoughts?

[Original screenshot found via Popurls]