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The DVD pile

The DVD screener pile

One question I get asked a lot is:

How many DVDs do you have?

To which I usually reply: ‘not as many as you might think’.

The truth is that although I have a reasonable collection, most of the DVDs I watch in a week are screeners of forthcoming releases that I have to review.

Most of the new films I see are screenings of upcoming cinema releases and when I check out DVDs it is often to review regular releases or re-issues of notable films. ย 

Above is my current backlog of DVDs I have to check out for review.

As you can see they don’t look like regular discs in that they come in sleeves or basic plastic cases without the full retail packaging.ย 

Despite that, they nearly always have the full set of features although occasionally smaller film companies send you a basic screener of a limited theatrical release.

(For anti-piracy reasons they are usually timecoded or watermarked in someway).

The current crop of DVDs I’m getting through include the following titles:

When I finish getting through them, I’ll put them up in my usual Monday rundown.ย 
If you have any questions about forthcoming releases or any other queries then just email me or leave a comment below.
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