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The Dark Knight Rises in London

Various photos of the upcoming Batman film The Dark Knight Rises shooting in London have recently surfaced online.

Chris Nolan has a history of directing films in the capital city.

Not only was his micro-budget debut Following (1998) shot all over London (with key locations in Southwark, Covent Garden and Highgate) but Batman Begins (2005) and The Dark Knight (2008) utilised London locations for various scenes.

A wonderfully prescient shot in Following even features a Batman logo – who could have predicted that Nolan would asked to reboot the franchise a few years later?

Earlier this month the third film in the Batman series The Dark Knight Rises (2012) began filming at the Farmiloe building in Clerkenwell.

The location was used as the Gotham City Police Station in the last two films and for sequences in Inception.

The building is adjacent to a public street, so some people were able to take photos and videos of cars, trucks, cranes and lights, although it seemed the filming took place behind closed doors.

But Craig Grobler of The Establishing Shot took an interesting set of photos at the location (no real spoilers) and caught glimpses of Nolan, Wally Pfister and a bunch of extras dressed as the Gotham SWAT team.

Check out the full gallery here:

There is also some video here:

In addition, filming has also taken place in Croydon and other locations around the UK before heading to the United States.

The Dark Knight Rises is scheduled to open in July 2012

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VE Day in Colour

Colour footage from the London Screen Archive shows the victory celebrations of 1945.

Shot on 16mm shot by Lieutenant Sidney Sasson of the US Army Signal Corps (Army Pictorial Service), it shows the victory celebrations in London on VE Day (May 8th 1945) and VJ Day (August 15th 1945).

Among the locations featured are 33 Davies Street, Piccadilly Circus, Charing Cross, and Trafalgar Square.

Look out for the billboard for the James Cagney film Blood on the Sun (1945), which I would guess was showing at the Empire Leicester Square.

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Cheap Prices at The Prince Charles Cinema

Prince Charles Cinema 05.04.05

I just got this email from The Prince Charles Cinema, which for those who don’t know, is  repertory cinema located in Leicester Place, just north of Leicester Square in London’s West End.

It is a fantastic venue for any film lover as it shows a wide variety of films including cult, arthouse and classic films alongside recent Hollywood releases.

One thing that has always been startling about the place is the cheap tickets prices and in the email they just sent me is a reminder of how cheap they are compared to the average cinema in the West End.

Cinema Name Weekday Matinee Weekday Evening Weekend
The Prince Charles  £1.50 / £4 £3.50 / £5 £3.50 / £5
The Curzon £8 £12 £12
The Vue £11.90 £13.50 £11.90 – £13.50
The Empire £9.95  £9.95  £9.95
Odeon Leicester Sq / Mezzanine £9 – £14 £9.50 – £19  £9.50 – £19

The differences are pretty remarkable, especially given that it is the only truly independent cinema left in Central London.

If you are planning a trip to London and haven’t yet discovered the Prince Charles, then it is well worth a visit.

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Robert Downey Jnr as Sherlock Holmes

Robert Downey Jr is currently in London filming the new Sherlock Holmes movie, which is being directed by Guy Ritchie

Just Jared have posted some photos of Downey and Ritchie shooting some scenes outside of St Paul’s Cathedral.

 There will be three months of shooting in London, including locations such as Freemasons’ Hall before moving to Liverpool.

Check out some more photos at Just Jared and a black and white shot from Flickr user stryker66.

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