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Interview: Charles Ferguson on Inside Job

An interview with the director and producer of the acclaimed new documentary about the financial crisis.

This week sees the UK release of Inside Job, a documentary which examines the global financial crisis.

Directed by Charles Ferguson it explores the deeply troubling relationship between financial and political elites which triggered the current recession.

Opening with a startling prologue about how Icelandโ€™s economy was ruined, it sets up in microcosm the wider story of how, over a period of 30 years, successive governments have allowed large financial institutions to inflate an economic system until it eventually burst in the autumn of 2008.

One of the most important documentaries in years, it was the most critically acclaimed film at the Cannes film festival last May and has been nominated for the Best Documentary Oscar.

I spoke with director Charles Ferguson and producer Audrey Marrs at the London Film Festvial last October and we discussed how they made the film and the issues it raises.

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Inside Job opens in selected UK cinemas from Friday 18th February

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One reply on “Interview: Charles Ferguson on Inside Job”

President Obama the slave of Wall Street. Why?

Put simply bad debts where sold as triple A investments when people who sold them knew they were bad debts. They insured themselves against any loss. Paid by the borrower, and they pocketed all the money paid out by the insurance companies for the subsequent losses.
This is the biggest scam in the history of the world.
No one has been brought to Justice for this their punishment was to be rewarded with tax payers money and massive bonuses.

An estimate is that these Bankers spent over 10% of their considerable incomes on vice including drugs and prostitution and this was all paid for by their companies on company credit cards and I think if the serious crime squads worldwide seek the truth we can still get some justice from these crooks remember it was tax evasion that brought down Al Capone.

President Obama came to power promising to bring these villains to justice so far he has just reappointed the people who were in financial power under Bush and it is just more of the same.

President Obama has become the slave of Wall Street. Why?

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