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London Film Festival 2007: BFI Southbank

For the second day of the festival I took a trip down to the BFI Southbank, which is where the NFT1 is located.

BFI Southbank side

It is right by the Thames River just by Waterloo Bridge and next to the National Theatre.

BFI entrance

Aside from being a key venue for the festival (with screen talks and films showing throughout the festival) it is also where the British Film Institute are effectively based.

Delegate centre

For people like me covering the festival it is also a place where you can check into the Delegates Centre to check out the trades, catch up with certain festival films on DVD, file reviews on your laptop (they have free wi-fi, which is a lifeline for me) and maybe meet other people attending the festival including filmmakers and other journalists.

You also get a nice view of London from the river:

London skyline from the BFI Southbank

In this report we also discuss three films that screened today:

Interview – a drama with Steve Buscemi and Sienna Miller based on the Dutch film by the late Theo Van Gogh.

Redacted – Director Brian De Palma‘s exploration of US troops in Iraq which has has been making waves at recent festivals in Venice and New York.

In the Shadow of the Moon – A documentary about the Apollo space missions.

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