David Letterman catches out John McCain

Republican presidential candidate John McCain was supposed to be on Letterman last night but couldn’t make it because…, well, the reason he gave the show was because he was ‘heading back to Washington’ to help respond to the economic turmoil.

Well, it turns out he was still in New York and had actually snubbed Dave for his CBS colleague Katie Couric.

Defamer have posted a breakdown of the video:

:01 – 3:27: Letterman takes fairly tame shots at McCain mixed with genuine praise for the man’s heroism.

3:27 – 6:34: Dave starts getting testy!

6:35 – 9:11: Fill-in guest Keith Olbermann (haha, amazing choice) is interrupted when Letterman finds out about McCain’s Couric interview, conducted at that very moment down the street. Letterman then plays live footage of McCain getting powdered by a makeup assistant before Couric goes on the air.

Check out Defamer if the YouTube video gets pulled.

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Viral Video

Obama viral ad about John McCain’s Seven Houses

A clever viral ad from the Obama campaign called Seven that has already got over 600,000 views on YouTube since it was posted yesterday.

Amusing The Daily Video Viral Video

The Daily Video: Paris Hilton responds to McCain campaign ad

You may have seen the rather tacky ad the John McCain camp issued recently, equating Barack Obama to a Paris Hilton-style celebrity unfit for the US Presidency.

Well, now Paris and the folks at FunnyOrDie have hit back with this response:

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