Batman Begins

The big budget resurrection of the Batman movie franchise is a smarter than average comic book adaptation but despite the gritty feel and some heavyweight acting talent it doesnít quite match up to the recent X-Men and Spiderman films.

The recent glut of Marvel comic book adaptations makes it easy to forget that the two trailblazing superhero films of the modern era were both from the DC Comics stable. In 1978 Superman showed that the character could be believable on a big screen, whilst Batman in 1989 was similarly successful. But after director Joel Schumacher took over from Tim Burton in the 90s the films descended into campy fiasco of 1997ís execrable Batman & Robin. That effectively killed off the franchise but with Warner Bros keen to cash in on the current superhero frenzy they opted to refresh the Batman story with a new approach and a different kind of director. Their choice was Christopher Nolan who made his name with the brilliant Memento in 2000 and he brings a refreshing approach to the Batman character.

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Mr & Mrs. Smith

Despite the relentless tabloid gossip and negative buzz that has surrounded it, Mr & Mrs Smith is actually smarter and more entertaining than you might have been led to believe.

In a summer dominated by films like Revenge of the Sith and War of the Worlds, Mr and Mrs Smith was clearly designed to be a low tech alternative to the special effects driven blockbusters that usually dominate the season. The concept of the film is to mix a smart romantic comedy with a spy caper and despite the media gossip about whether the two leads did or didnít fall in love during filming, it is a surprisingly smart and enjoyable ride. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie display enough chemistry to keep us interested in the romantic side of the film and Doug Liman brings the same leftfield sensibilities to the action genre that made his name with films like Swingers and Go.

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