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Chris Matthews vs Kevin James on MSNBC

Just days after Bill O’Reilly’s timeless meltdown was leaked all over the web, here comes another contender for the YouTube Hall of Fame.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews is having a debate with a conservative radio host named Kevin James.

The subject was President Bush’s recent comments in the Knesset, that compared Barack Obama to Nazi appeasers like Neville Chamberlain.

A couple of moments to look out for:

  1. Why are you screaming? (1.14)
  2. What did Neville Chamberlain do wrong in 1939? (2.18)

> The Huffington Post on Bush’s comments about Obama
> More on Neville Chamberlain at Wikipedia
> Official site for Hardball with Chris Matthews

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TimeTube is a very cool mashup of YouTube and the interactive timeline site Dipity.

This means that if you do a keyword search it will bring up relevant YouTube videos in an interactive timeline.

So, for example, if we wanted to to a TimeTube search on Steven Spielberg, type in the keywords ‘Steven Spielberg’ and then watch it build up a timeline of videos related to the director:

Then select the relevant video you want from the timeline, such as this BBC interview Spielberg did with Jeremy Isaacs around the UK release of Schindler’s List in 1994:

Then you can watch the video:

You can also check out parts two, three, four and five of the interview.

> Check out more video timelines at TimeTube
> Steven Spielberg at the IMDb

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YouTube goes down

I’ve just realised that YouTube is down.

Server problems? Or perhaps the Pakistan government somehow taking it offline again, like they did back in February?

Paul Glazowski at Mashable has some thoughts:

First highlighted by Allen Stern at CenterNetworks, the outage seems to have stretched the globe, with reports from people spanning the US, the UK, Estonia, and places elsewhere.

A few simple requests by yours truly for YouTube clips via Google Search this morning return links to unresponsive pages. (The Australian site is down too, by the way.)

Not good, not good. Maintenance gone wrong, is it? Who’s to say? Google’s not talking, neither on the company blog or, more specifically, on the official Youtube Blog.

UPDATE at 15.15 GMT: It is back up in the UK.

What about where you are in the rest of the world? Leave any comments below.