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Interview: Stephen Daldry and Ralph Fiennes on The Reader

Stephen Daldry and Ralph Fiennes

The Reader is the film adaptation of the 1995 German novel by Bernhard Schlink that follows a complicated love affair in the 1950s between a German teenager named Michael Berg (David Kross) and a woman twice his age called Hannah Schmitz (Kate Winslet).

Years later as a law student he discovers a terrible secret about his former lover and struggles to deal with the repercussions of her actions in World War II.

The book became a bestseller that was translated into 37 languages and the film is directed by Stephen Daldry with Ralph Fiennes playing Michael Berg as an older man.

I recently spoke to both of them in London about their work on the film and you can listen to the interviews here:


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The Reader is out at UK cinemas from today (Friday 2nd January)

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