Trailer: Waste Land

Lucy Walker’s inspiring documentary Waste Land explores the work of Brazilian artist Vik Muniz as he creates art with the cooperation of garbage pickers at a landfill site just outside of Rio.

The film portrays their lives and working conditions as well as Muniz’s efforts to help them to gain recognition and better living conditions.

Nominated for the Best Documentary Oscar, the soundtrack features many tracks from Mobyโ€™s latest album โ€˜Wait For Meโ€™, and he has announced that he will add this album to his free film music site,, making the full track listing available for all independent film makers to use for free.

You can watch many of the films at the Mobygratis Vimeo channel by clicking here.

Walker has also given the following interviews to PBS and MCN about the film:

Waste Land is out in selected UK cinemas from Friday 26th February

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