Amusing Awards Season Viral Video

Salon Oscar Runner Up Mashup

Salon have done an interesting mashup of different actors and their reactions to not winning an Oscar.

Although not included here, Samuel L Jackson’s reaction to losing to Martin Landau in 1995 (he clearly mouthed ‘sh*t!’) has to be the most refreshingly honest.

Amusing Viral Video

Star Wars Gangsta Rap


This Star Wars Gangsta Rap mashup has been viewed an incredible 9,560,574 times on YouTube.

Interesting News Technology

W. Mashup Contest

Lionsgate and YouTube have partnered for a W. mashup contest in which users can create and submit their own videos based on the upcoming Oliver Stone film about the 43rd US president.

The director himself explains the contest in this video:

Submissions close on October 17th and you can find out more at the film’s official YouTube channel.

W. opens in the US on October 17th and in the UK on November 7th

> Official site for W.
> Oliver Stone discusses the movie with GQ
> Check out images and on set footage from W.

Amusing The Daily Video

The Daily Video: Anchorman vs 300 Mashup

An amusing mashup of Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy and 300 by YouTube user Grantly Pantyy.


Barack Obama vs Rick Astley

Amusing Trailers

Superbad – The Epic Version

Check out this clever remix of the trailer to Superbad, making it seem like an epic action movie.

> Original redband trailer for Superbad
> Superbad at the IMDb

Interesting Useful Links


TimeTube is a very cool mashup of YouTube and the interactive timeline site Dipity.

This means that if you do a keyword search it will bring up relevant YouTube videos in an interactive timeline.

So, for example, if we wanted to to a TimeTube search on Steven Spielberg, type in the keywords ‘Steven Spielberg’ and then watch it build up a timeline of videos related to the director:

Then select the relevant video you want from the timeline, such as this BBC interview Spielberg did with Jeremy Isaacs around the UK release of Schindler’s List in 1994:

Then you can watch the video:

You can also check out parts two, three, four and five of the interview.

> Check out more video timelines at TimeTube
> Steven Spielberg at the IMDb

Amusing Viral Video

Must Love Jaws


This trailer mashup of Jaws as a cheesy family movie has been around for a while but I never got around to posting it before.

It was created by Mike Dow & Ari Eisner (Smacky Productions)