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UK DVD & Blu-ray Releases: Monday 23rd August 2010



The Gold Rush (Park Circus): Charles Chaplin‘s classic 1925 silent film combined humour and pathos in depicting the tale of a prospector struggling to strike gold in Alaska.

Featuring some memorable sight gags, such as the eating of a boot, it was Chaplin’s first hit for United Artists (the studio he co-founded), reaffirming his status as a film maker and Hollywood icon.

This dual format edition (Blu-ray and DVD combined in one package) includes both versions of The Gold Rush: the 1925 silent original restored by Kevin Brownlow and the digitally restored 1942 film, which saw Chaplin re-edit the 1925 original with a new musical score and narration.

Other extras include:

  • Introduction by David Robinson
  • Chaplin Today: Gold Rush
  • Chaplin Trailer Reel
  • Photo Gallery

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Lebanon (Metrodome): One of a batch of recent films exploring the legacy of the first Lebanon war was this striking drama set almost entirely inside an Israeli tank.

Written and directed by Samuel Maoz, it is set in June 1982 as Israel invades Lebanon and focuses on the four men inside the claustrophobic world of a tank – Assi (Itay Tiran), Shmulik (Yoav Donat), Hertzel (Oshri Cohen) and Yigal (Michael Moshonov).

As the mission progresses, they can only see each other and what appears through the tank’s tiny sight window as they gradually encounter fellow Israeli soldiers, a bombed out town and a band of Syrian resistance fighters.

Startling in its sparse depiction of the conflict, the central concept is a little played out by the end, but it remains a worthy addition to recent films exploring Israeli troops in Lebanon (such as Beaufort, Waltz With Bashir) and won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival last year.

Extras include:

  • Commentary from director Samuel Maoz upon whose real life experiences the film is based
  • History of the first Lebanon War (text document)
  • ‘LEBANON’: the background story to the film (text document)

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Festivals News

Lebanon wins the Golden Lion at Venice

Lebanon wins Golden Lion at Venice 2009

The Israeli war film Lebanon has won the Golden Lion at the 66th Venice Film Festival.

Directed by Samuel Maoz, it was shot almost entirely inside an Israeli tank and is set against the backdrop of the 1982 invasion of Lebanon.

In the other big awards Best Director went to Shirin Neshat for Women Without Men, whilst Colin Firth won Best Actor for A Single Man, the adaptation of Christopher Isherwood’s novel.

Here are the other winners in full:


  • Golden Lion for Best Film: Lebanon (Dir. Samuel Maoz  / Israel, France, Germany)
  • Silver Lion for Best Director: Shirin Neshat for Zanan Bedone Mardan (Women Without Men) (Germany, Austria, France)
  • Special Jury Prize: Soul Kitchen (Dir. Fatih Akin / Germany)
  • Coppa Volpi for Best Actor: Colin Firth in A Single Man (Dir. Tom Ford / USA)
  • Coppa Volpi for Best Actress: Ksenia Rappoport in La Doppia Ora (Dir. Giuseppe Capotondi / Italy)
  • Marcello Mastroianni Award for Best New Young Actor or Actress: Jasmine Trinca in Il Grande Sogno (Dir. Michele Placiso / Italy)
  • Osella for Best Technical Contribution: Sylvie Olive for Mr. Nobody (Dir. Jaco  Van Dormael / France)
  • Osella for Best Screenplay: Todd Solondz for Life During Wartime (Dir. Todd Solondz / USA)


  • Orizzonti PrizeEngkwentro (Dir. Pepe Diokno / Philippines)
  • Orizzonti Prize for Best Documentary1428 (Dir. Du Haibin / China)
  • Special MentionAadmi Ki Aurat Aur Anya Kahaniya (The Man’s Woman and Other Stories) by Amit Dutta (India)


  • Controcampo Italiano Prize: Cosmonauta (Dir. Susanna Nicchiarelli / Italy)
  • Special Mention: Negli Occhi (Dir. Daniele Anzellotti and Francesco Del Grosso / Italy)


  • Corto Cortissimo Lion for Best Short Film: Eersgeborene (Dir. Etienne Kallos / South Africa, USA)
  • Venice Nomination to the European Film Awards 2009: Sinner (Dir. Meni Philip / Israel)
  • Special Mention: Felicità (Dir. Salomé Aleksi / Georgia)

Luigi De Laurentiis Award for a Debut Film

  • Lion of the Future Venice Award for a Debut Film: Engkwentro (Dir. Pepe Diokno / Philippines)

Persol 3-D Award for the Best 3-D Stereoscopic Film of the Year

  • Persol 3-D Award: The Hole by Joe Dante (USA)