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LFF 2010: Ken Loach Keynote Speech

Ken Loach recently gave a keynote speech at the London Film Festival where he discussed the current state of British cinema and the role of the national broadcasters in supporting a healthy UK film culture.

Here are some edited highlights:

You can watch the full speech at BFI Live by clicking here.

> Ken Loach at the IMDb
> Ken Loach Films on YouTube


Ken Loach Films on YouTube

Several Ken Loach films are now available to view in their entirety on YouTube, including Kes, Cathy Come Home, Poor Cow, Riff-Raff and Hidden Agenda.

There is also a 45 minute documentary profiling the renowned British director called Carry on Ken.

> Ken Loach at the IMDb
> Listen to our 2007 interview with Ken Loach

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Ken Loach Interview

Ken LoachKen Loach has been one of England’s best and most important directors for many years.

Since making his mark in the 60s with the landmark TV dramas Cathy Come Home and Up the Junction, he has show a keen and uncompromising ability to tackle social issues head on in his films.

They have ranged from adolescence (Kes), Northern Ireland (Hidden Agenda), builders (Riff-Raff), the Spanish Civil War (Land and Freedom), the social services (Ladybird, Ladybird), alcoholism (My Name is Joe) and the plight of Californian workers (Bread and Roses).

I spoke with Ken recently about his latest film It’s A Free World and the release of The Ken Loach Collection which is out now on DVD in two volumes.

Have a listen to the interview by clicking below:


You can also download this interview as a podcast via iTunes by clicking here

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