UK Cinema Releases: Friday 16th October 2009

UK Cinema Releases 16-10-09



Couples Retreat (Universal): A comedy centered around four couples (including Vince Vaughn, Mailn Akerman, Jon Favreau, Jason Bateman, Kristin Davies and Kristen Bell) who go to a tropical-island resort on holiday. One of the couples is there to work on the marriage, whilst the others don’t realize that participation in the resort’s therapy sessions is not optional.

Directed by Peter Billingsley, it has got brutal reviews in the US despite the fact that Universal flew out a load of journalists to Bora Bora for the US press junket. Result? Decent opening weekend box office. It will do decent business here too, especially as Universal opened it early on Wednesday hoping to ensnare gullible couples over the weekend. [Vue West End & Nationwide / 15]

The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus (Lionsgate UK): The latest film from Terry Gilliam is the fantastical story, set in the present day, of a traveling theatre troupe including a sleight of hand expert, Anton (Andrew Garfield), and a dwarf, Percy (Verne Troyer) that offers audience members a chance to go beyond reality through a magical mirror.

Best known for being Heath Ledger’s last film (he died during the production in January 2008) his role has been filled out by Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell. Mixed reviews might temper the interest and ultimate box office. [Empire Leicester Square & Nationwide / 12A]

Triangle (Icon): A horror film which revolves around a group of passengers on a yachting trip in the Atlantic Ocean who, when struck by mysterious weather conditions, jump to another ship only to experience greater havoc on the open seas.

Directed by Christopher Smith, it stars Melissa George, Rachael Carpani, Emma Lung, Liam Hemsworth. [Nationwide / 15]



Thirst (Metrodome): Drama about a failed medical experiment turns a man of faith into a vampire. Directed by Chan-wook Park, who made Old Boy in 2004. [Curzon Soho, Gate, Ritzy, Screen On The Green & Selected Key Cities / 18]

Pontypool (Kaleidoscope Entertainment): A psychological thriller in which a deadly virus infects a small Ontario town. Directed by Bruce McDonald. [Key Cities / 15]

Ong-Bak: The Beginning (Revolver Entertainment): A prequel to the original which explores how a young Thai boxer learns the skills and inner meaning of martial arts. [Nationwide / 15]

W.M.D. (Independent Digital): A political thriller focused on the falsification of evidence in the build-up to the Iraq War, which is being released ‘digitally’ (i.e. in not many cinemas). [Shortwave Cinema SE1]


> UK cinema releases for October 2009
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UK Cinema Releases: October 2009

UK Cinema Releases - October 2009


  • Army Of Crime (15) / Optimum Releasing
  • The Beaches Of Agnes (18) / Artificial Eye
  • Beyond A Reasonable Doubt / Entertainment
  • District 13: Ultimatum (15) / Momentum Pictures
  • I P Man (15) / Showbox Entertainment / ICA Cinema & Key Cities
  • The Invention Of Lying (12A) / Universal
  • Driving Aphrodite (aka My Life In Ruins) (12A) / Warner Bros.
  • Pandorum (15) / Icon
  • Toy Story In 3D (PG) / Walt Disney
  • Vinyan (18) / Revolver Entertainment


  • Zombieland (15) / Sony


  • Up (in 3D) (U) / Walt Disney
  • Creek / (Entertainment)
  • Died Young Stayed Pretty / ICA Films / ICA Cinema & selected Key Cities (from 23 Oct)
  • Goodbye Solo (15) / Axiom Films Apollo Piccadilly Circus, Curzon Renoir & Key Cities
  • Halloween II (18) / Entertainment
  • Katalin Varga (15) / Artificial Eye
  • Le Donk & Scor-Zay-Zee (15) / Verve Pictures
  • Love Happens (12A) / E1 Entertainment
  • The Vanishing Of The Bees / Dogwoof


  • Couples Retreat / Universal


  • The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus (12A) / Lionsgate UK
  • Ong Bak: The Beginning (15) / Revolver Entertainment
  • Pontypool (TBC) / Kaleidoscope Entertainment / Key Cities
  • Thirst (18) / Metrodome
  • Triangle (15) / Icon


  • A Thousand Words / Paramount
  • Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant / Universal
  • Coffin Rock / (High Fliers Films)
  • Colin (18) / Kaleidoscope Entertainment / London & Key Cities
  • The Cove (12A) / Vertigo Films
  • Fantastic Mr Fox (PG)/ 20th Century Fox
  • Freestyle / Revolver Entertainment
  • Johnny Mad Dog (15) / Momentum Pictures
  • Made in Jamaica (15) / Network Releasing
  • The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard (15) / Warner Bros./Pathe


  • 9 (12A) / Universal
  • Michael Jackson’s This is It (TBC) / Sony Pictures


  • An Education / E1 Entertainment
  • Animal House (R/I) / Universal
  • Citizen Kane (U) / bfi Distribution / BFI Southbank & Key Cities
  • Dead Man Running / Revolver Entertainment
  • Love Exposure / Third Window Films
  • Tales From The Golden Age (12A) / Trinity Filmed Ent

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