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Competition: Enter the Void

Gaspar Noe’s Enter The Void is released on DVD on April 25th and to mark the occasion we have some posters to give away.

The winner will get a poster signed by the director and two runners up will get a rather funky double-sided quad poster.

This is the signed poster:

And this is the larger reversible quad version:

If you haven’t seen it, the film made our list of the best films of 2010, where we described it as:

“Technically dazzling depiction of a dead drug dealer that also features what is possibly the greatest opening title sequence of all time.”

The extras on the DVD include:

  • The French Theatrical Trailer
  • International Theatrical Trailer
  • US Theatrical Trailer
  • Set of short teasers
  • Two hallucinatory effects sequences – Vortex and DMT
  • Making Of The Special Effects featurette

The sensational opening credits sequence can be seen here (select HD for the full effect):

To be in with a chance of winning a poster just answer this question:

Which controversial 2002 film did Gaspar Noe direct?

N.B. The competition closes on April 30th

> Official site for the UK DVD which is out on Monday 25th April
> Official UK Facebook site
> Pre-order Enter the Void from Amazon UK


Hitchcock Inception Poster

What would the poster for Inception have looked like if Alfred Hitchcock had directed it?

Maybe his long time designer Saul Bass would have come up with something like this:

(I first saw this over at Shortlist, but if you know who created it just leave the credit in the comments below)

Cannes News Posters

Poster: The Tree of Life

The latest poster for Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life has appeared and is a patchwork affair with various characters and scenes from the film.

Look at little closer and you’ll see the dinosaur that is rumoured to make an appearance in the film.

The official website has been unveiled at and intriguingly they also have a Tumblr site at

In other news, Empire dropped the bombshell earlier today that the film will be getting a UK release on May 4th, a full week ahead of its expected première at the Cannes Film Festival, which starts on May 11th.

There hasn’t been any official word yet from UK distributor Icon about their release plans, but it seems staggering that it would open at UK cinemas and completely scupper the possibility of what would be one of the most anticipated Cannes screenings in years.

The idea that a high profile festival premiere, featuring Brad Pitt and Sean Penn on the red carpet alongside Malick, would be sacrificed so UK audiences and critics could see the film a week earlier is fairly mind boggling.

It has already been announced that the film will screen there, but whether it will show in competition won’t be officially confirmed until April 14th when Thierry Fremaux announces the full lineup.

As I speak it isn’t listed on the official FDA release schedule, nor is there any word on Icon’s UK website.

According to Hollywood Elsewhere and Thompson on Hollywood, sources at US distributor Fox Searchlight are claiming that the Empire story is incorrect.

> The Tree of Life trailer
> More on the film at Wikipedia


Olly Moss Poster Art for Duncan Jones

Designer Olly Moss has done two new posters for the films of Duncan Jones: Moon (2009) and the upcoming Source Code (2011).

[Click here for a larger version]

The latter premieres at SXSW in Austin, Texas this week and opens in the UK on Friday 1st April.

[Via Sound on Sight]

> Olly Moss
> Duncan Jones at the IMDb
> SXSW 2011 Film Lineup


The Wikileaks Network

David Fincher recently completed a film about Facebook (The Social Network) and is currently in Sweden shooting a conspiracy thriller (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo).

Think about it: computer hackersSweden and intrigue.

Maybe his next film should be about WikiLeaks and Julian Assange? 🙂

> The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011) at the IMDb
> More on the recent leaking of diplomatic cables by WikiLeaks at Wikipedia