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Edgar Wright on Flickr

Director Edgar Wright has a Flickr account and has been posting a lot of photos of late, including ones from the set of his latest film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World which stars Michael Cera and Mary Elisabeth Wanstead.

Here is a slide show of his ‘Edgar’s Photo A Day 2009’ collection:

He also has a blog and a MySpace page.

If you still haven’t seen Spaced (and I’m still surprised by the amount of people that haven’t) then you can buy it on DVD here.

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Peter Jackson and James Cameron at Comic-Con

Peter Jackson and James Cameron took part in a ‘visionaries’ panel at Comic-Con recently where they discussed the future of films and filmmaking.

Here are video extracts from the session:

> Peter Jackson and James Cameron at the IMDb
> Official Comic-Con site

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Oliver Stone on Bill Maher’s Real Time

Oliver Stone was recently on Bill Maher’s Real Time, in which he talked about Buddhism, Vietnam, the Obama administration and Wall Street 2.

By the way, the book by Jeremy Scahill that they mention is Blackwater and I would highly recommend it.

(Also, don’t be surprised if these clips get taken down soon from YouTube)

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Teaser for Michael Moore’s new film

The teaser for Michael Moore’s as-yet-untitled documentary about the bailout has been released by Overture films.


The IMDb currently lists it as ‘The Untitled Michael Moore Project‘ and at a screening of the above trailer in New York cinemas ushers walked around collecting donations for the satirical “Save Our CEOs” organization.

Apparently if anyone was silly enough to give money, it all went to a local food bank.

Courtney Hazlett of MSNBC’s ‘The Scoop’ had a recent discussion previewing the film, in which they point out that it could have a broader appeal than his previous work because of widespread bipartisan anger towards Wall Street:

It is scheduled for a US release on October 2nd.

> Michael Moore
> IMdb link to the new film

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Errol Morris talks about his 5 Favourite Films

Director Errol Morris has done an interview with Current TV in which he talks about his five favourite films (kinda).

They are: Detour, Fallen Idol, Psycho, Sullivan’s Travels and The Emperor’s Naked Army Marches On.


> Errol Morris at the IMDb
> Current TV