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Movie References in The Simpsons

A French website has collected an incredible gallery of screen shots that lays out many movie references in The Simpsons

For over 20 years The Simpsons has been referencing movies from Citizen Kane (1941) to Basic Instinct (1992).

The show has been running for so long that when you do a comprehensive list like this it reads like an index to a history of cinema.

A French website (‘The Simpsons Park’) has collected an incredible gallery of screen shots and animated gifs that lays out the original Simpsons episode alongside the particular film.

The range is astonishing: Kubrick, Bergman, Hitchcock, Scorsese, Lumet, Spielberg, Coppola and Truffaut are just some of the many directors referenced.

Just click on the links below to visit the relevant page – they aren’t in English, but the visuals speak for themselves.

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Actually; the connection between BasIc Instint and The Simpsons started during the production of the movie. In a dramatic scene about 5 minutes before the end, Nick’s therapist walks into his apartment with a spare set f keys. In the key ring? Burt Simpson. Ha!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas!’s date can’t be right, they’re referencing episodes that aired before 2000… other than that, great article

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