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Jon Krakauer on Meet The Press

Author Jon Krakauer discussing his new book about Pat Tillman, ‘Where Men Win Glory’, on Meet The Press

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Author Jon Krakauer is the US author who wrote the book Into the Wild, which was adapted into the 2007 film directed by Sean Penn.

In the above interview on Meet The Press he discusses his new book Where Men Win Glory, which examines the extraordinary story of Pat Tillman.

He was the US football player who gave up a highly lucrative career in order to join the US army after 9/11 and was killed in a friendly fire incident in Afghanistan during 2004.

The circumstances surrounding his death have been controversial to say the least and the current commander of US troops in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal, also has an interesting role in the whole affair which raises uncomfortable questions for him and President Obama.

I wonder if Sean Penn is interested in making this book into a film?