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Cult Cinema Ads

DCM, the recently formed joint venture that bought Carlton Screen Advertising, are trying to discover the most popular cinema ad of all time.

Notable ads have has been selected by heavyweights from the cinema and now the public can vote on their favourite.

The short list includes ads dating from the 1970s till today, including the following:

Maxell Tapes ‘Break the Sound Barrier’ (1982):

Carling Black Label ‘Dambusters‘ (1990):

Bacardi ‘If’ (1991):

Dunlop ‘Tested for the Unexpected’ (1994):

Ford Puma ‘Bullit’ (1997):

Guinness ‘Surfer’ (1999):

Agent Provocateur ‘Kylie’ (2001):

Sony Bravia ‘Balls’ (2005):

Orange Gold Spot ‘Anjelica Huston’ (2008):

For nostalgia reasons I’d vote for Maxell but if it came down to quality the Dunlop spot directed by Tony Kaye (who went on to make American History X) is the best.

You can check out others on their official YouTube channel and vote on their site here.