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Joan Rivers swears on Loose Women

Live TV can be very funny, especially when someone does something they shouldn’t.

Joan Rivers was recently on Loose Women (for US readers, it is essentially the UK version of The View) and she clearly didn’t realise it was a live show when she gave her thoughts on Russell Crowe:

ITV bosses issued the predictably stern press release:

Guests are always briefed that it is a live daytime show and are reminded not to swear or use inappropriate language.

An editorial decision was taken that Joan Rivers should not appear in the final part of the programme.

We would like to apologise to Loose Women viewers for the inappropriate language used on today’s show.

But Joan was hilariously unrepentant about the whole affair, according to BBC News:

‘I said: I apologise. Everyone apologised. It was hilariously funny’.

During a commercial break, Rivers said producers took her off the set, adding that it was the first time she had been removed in 40 years and she was ‘thrilled’.

However, the star is prepared to return – but only on her terms.

‘I would be delighted to go back if they would apologise and give me a gift’.

In 2005 she got into a row with Darcus Howe on Radio 4, calling him a ‘son of a bitch’.

Can someone high up in UK media please give her a show?

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