BBC Inside Out: Who Killed My Son?

Christine Lord is the mother of Andrew, a former colleague of mine who died last year of variant CJD.

She recently featured in an edition of the BBC current affairs program Inside Out which explored her battle to find out why her son died such a tragic and unnecessary death.

You can watch it on BBC’s iPlayer here or by clicking the image below:

As someone who knew and worked with Andy over a 2 year period, a lot of this programme was deeply upsetting.

Like many others who worked with him at Talk Radio and TalkSPORT I can testify that he was a genuinely lovely guy and a real pleasure to be around.

Christine has a website called Justice for Andy which you can visit here and has also written a piece for the Inside Out site here.

N.B. As with all iPlayer shows it will only be available for a few days and to UK viewers only. Although if anyone at the BBC is reading this, is there any chance of putting it up permanently on your YouTube channel?

UPDATE 07/07/08: You can now watch the programme by clicking on this link

> iPlayer link to the programme
> Christine’s piece for the BBC Inside Out website
> Justice For Andy site

2 replies on “BBC Inside Out: Who Killed My Son?”

Hope the BBC will extend the number of days for the playing time of the documentary on the insideout website, as I have a lot of friends wanting to watch it but are away at the moment. A national broadcast of the documentary should be a must as soon as possible! Matt

There is now a youtube posting of the bbc 1 documentary about andrews life and death at
I continue to fight for the truth and to honour Andrew’s dying words who asked me ‘ find out who did this to me mum and expose them’ and always thinking of others ‘ this must never happen to anyone else ever again’. I miss andrew more than ever but know that my mission to make those responsbile for his unlawful death and to support past present and future victims is something my son would have expected from his mum and would have wanted. thanks everyone for caring christine lord

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