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Video on Flickr

The photo sharing behemoth Flickr has introduced video to their site.

On their blog they announce the arrival of moving images, with the 90 second limit being the eye opener:

Video! Video! Video! The rumours are true and “soon” is now. We’re thrilled to introduce video on Flickr.

If you’re a pro member, you can now share videos up to 90 glorious seconds in your photostream.

90 seconds? While this might seem like an arbitrary limit, we thought long and hard about how video would complement the flickrverse.

If you’ve memorized the Community Guidelines, you know that Flickr is all about sharing photos that you yourself have taken.

Video will be no different and so what quickly bubbled up was the idea of “long photos,” of capturing slices of life to share.

This is an example of a video:

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