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Woody Allen interviews Billy Graham

This is video from a TV special in 1969 where Woody Allen (filmmaker and comic genius) interviews Billy Graham (evangelist and the man who helped convert George W Bush to Christianity).

Watch it below in two parts:

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Dr. Graham shows why he is so beloved why, why he has ministered to all not just to a select few. I pray that more ministers of the gospel would have Dr. Graham’s unprejudiced and bravery in engaging all aspects of society. We need to remember our Lord’s words that he came not for the righteous but for the afflicted. Sadly many in the Faith seem to forget this scripture our Lord calls us to minister in His name to (all!!) of the lost. blessings

I wonder if Billy Graham ever saw one of Woody’s movies, and if in turn Woody came to one of Graham’s cruzades, as they agreed to do in the interview. Anybody knows the answer?

Thanks for posting this video!

I remember watching Mr. Billy Graham’s meetings on the black and white tv in my family’s living room as a young boy growing up in ohio. What struck me then as it does now is how he delivered his message with a truly personal caring touch. He has lived the life that he preaches and has been a great example of what living a “Christ likeness” life is like. Jesus did not spend his time with the church leaders of his day, he went looking for those in need of hope. He ministered to those that nobody else cared about. The unpopluar, the scorned, the sinners of the day. He loved them unconditionally. That is what makes Billy Graham stand out from the others….his unconditional love for mankind.

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