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Jeffrey Blitz on Rocket Science

Jeffrey Blitz on Rocket ScienceJeffrey Blitz scored an unlikely hit in 2003 with the marvellous documentary Spellbound.

A simple but affecting tale of a cross section of students competing in the National Spelling Bee, it was a captivating and charming look at learning in America.

He now returns with Rocket Science, his feature film debut which is out at selected UK cinemas this week.
This also deals with high school education as it follows a young student (Reece Thompson) who joins his high school debating team despite having a stutter.

It won the Best Director prize at Sundance earlier this year and is released in selected UK cinemas this week.

I recently spoke to Jeffrey about the film, the success of Spellbound and a few other things besides.

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Rocket Science is out in the UK this Friday

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