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Run, Fat Boy, Run – Interview Special

The new comedy Run, Fat Boy, Run is out at UK cinemas this week and I spoke with the cast and director about the film.

Simon PeggSimon Pegg plays Dennis, a man who inexplicably dumps his bride to be at the altar and then spends the next few years regretting it.

Since becoming noticed in TV shows like Spaced, Simon has become one of the UK’s biggest comedy stars with roles in Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz (both of which he co-wrote).

We spoke about how he re-wrote the script for this film, the differences between US and UK comedy, whether there will be a Spaced movie and his future plans for collaborating with Nick Frost and Edgar Wright.

Thandie NewtonThandie Newton plays Libby in the film, the bride who who cruelly jilted on her wedding day.

She then hooks up with a rich American (Hank Azaria) who runs marathons and becomes a rival to Dennis when the latter tries to win her back.

In recent years she has been in films such as Crash (for which she won a BAFTA in 2006), The Pursuit of Happyness (with Will Smith) and Mission Impossible II.

We spoke about her role, the British film industry and how she got into acting at a young age.

Dylan MoranDylan Moran plays Dennis’ best friend Gordon, who sort of acts as his conscience in the film (albeit a lazy one).

He also has the difficult taske of getting his overweight and slobbish friend fit for running in a marathon

He started off in Ireland as a comedian and found mainstream fame in the UK with his memorable lead role in the excellent Channel 4 series Black Books.

We spoke about his role in the film, his comedy background in Ireland and his thoughts of the Irish film industry.

David SchwimmerDavid Schwimmer is the director of the film and although famous for his role as Ross in Friends, he does have a background in directing that stretches back to his days in the theatre.

He also directed several episodes of Friends and in recent times has acted alongside Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm.

We spoke about how the film was relocated from America to thr UK, the business of filming on location in London during the winter and a few other things beside.

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Run, Fat Boy, Run is out at UK cinemas now