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The DVD Review 15-05-07

On the DVD Review this week we examine the following releases:

The Last King of ScotlandForest Whitaker stars as 70s Ugandan dictator Idi Amin in this adaptation of the Giles Foden novel about a young Scottish doctor (James McAvoy) who befriends him.

The Pursuit of HappynessWill Smith plays Chris Gardner, a single father who has to cope with living on the poverty line in early 80s San Francisco whilst he tries to become a stockbroker.

My So Called Life – The mid-90s TV show about the trials and tribulations of teenage life starring Claire Danes finally gets released in the UK as a 5 disc set.

Deja Vu – A daft but enjoyable thriller from director Tony Scott and producer Jerry Bruckheimer see Denzel Washington try to solve a crime in New Orleans two days after it actually happened.

Little Children – One of the best films of last year sees Kate Winslet on great form as a frustrated suburban housewife who has an affair with a neighbour (Patrick Wilson) in this intelligent adaptation of Tom Perotta’s novel.

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