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Spider-Man 3 Interviews

Spider-Man 3 is out this Friday and I recently caught up with three of the key people who helped bring the film to the screen.

Sam Raimi on setDirector Sam Raimi is the main man behind all three Spider-Man films. He emerged in the early 1980s with cult horror The Evil Dead and went on to direct films like Darkman and A Simple Plan.

When the Spider-Man character was finally released from the legal problems that had prevented any film version getting made, Sam was the inspired choice to bring the iconic Marvel superhero to the screen.

We spoke about the different story lines, the new villains and the technology behind the visual effects. We also discuss his friend Bruce Campbell (who again returns in a cameo), the “classic” yellow car that appears in all his movies and whether or not he’ll return for a fourth Spider-Man film.

James Franco as Harry OsborneJames Franco has has played Harry Osborn in all three Spider-Man films. The first film in 2002 was his big breakthrough but you may have seen him in a TV movie biopic about James Dean or more recently in The Company and Tristan and Isolde.

In Spider-Man he was Peter Parker’s friend who also happened to have a scientist father known as The Green Goblin. The second film saw him thirst revenge when he realised his father died in a fight with Spidey and he also discovered the Goblin’s extensive weapons stash.

James discusses his role, where this film picks up after the last film, the challenge of acting against a green screen and what director Sam Raimi has brought to the trilogy.

Topher Grace as Eddie BrockTopher Grace is the new kid on the Spidey block. He plays Eddie Brock and the eagerly anticipated villain Venom. You might remember him from the TV series That 70s Show, Traffic, Ocean’s Eleven and Ocean’s Twelve (where he has uncredited cameos as himself!).

More recently he has starred in films like Win a Date With Tad Hamilton, P.S. and In Good Company in which he starred alongside Dennis Quaid and Scarlett Johansson.

That film helped him win his current role in the latest Spider-Man film. The character of Venom is a big fan favourite and we chatted about how he got the role, the secrecy surrounding the film and the differences between the character in the comic and this film.

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