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Nicolas Cage stars in this silly but mindlessly entertaining thriller about a man who can see 2 minutes in to the future.

Next posterBased on a short story by Philip K Dick called The Golden Man this covers the same sort of territory as Minority Report and The Matrix but without any of the finesse or brains of those films. With some clumsy dialogue and predictable plotting you might be forgiven for thinking that some scenes border on parody.

Although Cage is an agreeable presence in the leading role the two female characters are wafer thin sterotypes: Julianne Moore is wasted in the grumpy cop role whilst Jessica Biel is given little to do in a flimsy damsel in distress role.

That said the action is slickly handled by Lee Tamahori and the central concept is strong enough to keep the interest even though it deviates wildly from the source novel.

Dick is an author who doesn’t always get the best treatment from Hollywood and this continues that tradition but if you switch your brain off it is something of a guilty pleasure.

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