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The Movie Cast for Friday 10th November

On the podcast this week we take a look at Breaking and Entering, the new drama from writer-director Anthony Minghella set in contemporary London and starring Jude Law. Plus, we also review The Prestige, the new drama from director Christopher Nolan, about two rival magicians (played by Christian Bale & Hugh Jackman) in Victorian London. Also out is Starter for 10, a new British comedy set during the 1980s and we also speak to the main actor in the film, James McAvoy.

Our DVD pick of the week is Don’t Look Now – director Nic Roeg’s brilliant and unsettling drama from 1973 which stars Donald Sutherland & Julie Christie as a couple who move to Venice to get over the death of their child.

In the news we examine the success of Borat at the box office and even speak to the character himself about why he made the movie in the first place. Plus, our website of the week is The Movie Review Query Engine.

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