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Lifehacker tips on going to the cinema

The rather wonderful Lifehacker has posted an excellent set of links and advice for moviegoers:

Here’s the deal: if I’m going to shell out the dough to see a movie in the theater, I like to get my money’s worth, especially since I have to do quite a bit of maneuvering (babysitters, scheduling, etc.) even to get there. I don’t want to waste my hard-earned cash on the newest Rob Schneider craptacular; then again, just because a film has the George Lucas stamp of approval doesn’t necessarily mean it’s my cup of tea.

In this week’s feature, I’ll run down the sites I use before (and after) I go to the movies in order to make my dollar stretch just a little further.

For those of us outside the US its a little American-centric but the links are still worth checking out. (Link via Digg)

> Lifehacker guide to the movies