Reel Geezers back on indieWIRE

The Reel Geezers (screenwriter Lorenzo Semple Jnr and producer Marcia Nasatir) are back reviewing films on indieWIRE with this examination of Precious.

The Daily Video

The Daily Video: The Reel Geezers on Political Films

The Reel Geezers (aka  Lorenzo Semple Jnr and Marcia Nasatir) have an interesting chat about various political movies.

The line sure to provoke debate is when Lorenzo says:

Frank Capra is basically a facist.


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Amusing Cinema

The Reel Geezers on Sex and the City

The veteran duo of Lorenzo Semple Jnr and Marcia Nasatir (aka The Reel Geezers) get stuck in to Sex and the City.

They make some excellent points:

  • Lorenzo: ‘The movie itself, I found …very disturbing. It may be the most detestable movie I’ve ever seen.’
  • Marcia: ‘They are women who make you ashamed to be a woman. They are a disgrace to women.’

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