Spider-Man Trailers Side by Side

The trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man has just been released and bears interesting comparison to the previous 2002 blockbuster version.

YouTube Doubler is a website that allows you to play two videos at the same time and compare them side-by-side.

The two Spider-Man trailers make an interesting case study as they reveal the similarities and differences of the respective films.

The 2002 trailer is snappier and has no problem featuring Peter Parker as Spider-Man, whereas as the 2012 one doesn’t really reveal the iconic suit until the very end in an extended POV epilogue, which appears to be a showcase for the film’s 3D visuals (the CGI looks like it needs to be refined).

Notice how the lengths are almost identical.

YouTube Doubler

For the record, I think the trailer for the 2002 film is much stronger, although it’s hard to fully judge until the new film comes out.

The Amazing Spider-Man is out on July 3rd 2012, just 9 days ahead of The Dark Knight Rises, which suggests Sony are pretty bullish about this film having a massive opening weekend.

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