Movie Phone Rules

In the movie world there appears to be two major rules regarding phones:

1. Just hang up without saying goodbye

Part of this is presumably so screenwriters can quickly get to the next scene without being slowed down by what would actually happen in real life (i.e. awkward goodbyes or ‘just another thing’).

2. Go to a place where there is no signal

This is a tool which immediately adds tension, as characters in a remote place lose the safety net option of calling the cops (although aren’t cops always late in the movies anyway?). The fact that it has been done to death has made it something of a cliche in recent years.

Got any others?

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No Signal

The mobile phone that has no signal is one of the most overused clichés in modern horror.

This montage of various films over the last decade shows just how common it has become.

Obviously it is a quick fix for a screenwriter trying to get around the logical problem of worried characters calling for help.

But how about an original premise that inverts this cliché, whereby having a signal is a major problem or dilemma for the main characters?

Just a thought.

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