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UK DVD & Blu-ray Releases: Monday 14th November 2011


Touch of Evil (Eureka): Orson Welles’ classic 1958 film noir is about a Mexican narcotics cop (Charlton Heston) who investigates the death by car bomb of a wealthy American businessman on the US side of the border (one of the great opening scenes in film history). Co-starring Janet Leigh, Welles himself and Marlene Dietrich, Universal screwed up the original release (why remains a mystery) but have redeemed themselves by providing masters for this Blu-ray release. This includes five variants of the film, in different aspect ratios: the 1958 theatrical version in both 1.37:1 and 1.85:1, the 1958 preview version in 1.85:1, and the 1998 reconstructed version in 1.37:1 and 1.85:1. [Buy it on Blu-ray from Amazon UK]

Silent Running (Eureka): Douglass Trumbull’s 1972 sci-fi set in a distant future, where all of Earth’s remaining plant life is preserved in vast greenhouse-like domes orbiting in space. When the man in charge (Bruce Dern) refuses to obey orders and destroy them, he begins a voyage into the unknown accompanied only by the ships robotic drones. Featuring an excellent lead performance from Dern and clever visual effects, this remains a rare glimpse of sci-fi in the pre-CGI era. The HD transfer looks great and there are some notable extras. [Click here for our full review] [Buy it on Blu-ray from Amazon UK]

Page One: A Year Inside the New York Times (Dogwoof): Andrew Rossi’s documentary exploring a year inside America’s most famous newspaper is an interesting insight into one of the world’s key media institutions. Filmed during a year of crisis, as the transition from print to digital bites hard on the economics of newspapers, it also functions as a memorable portrait of media writer David Carr. [Click here to listen to our interview with Andrew Rossi] [Buy it on DVD from Amazon UK]


Beginners (Universal Pictures) [Blu-ray / Normal]
Blue in the Face (Miramax) [Blu-ray / Normal]
Bridesmaids (Universal Pictures) [Blu-ray / Normal]
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (Miramax) [Blu-ray / Normal]
Cop Land (Miramax) [Blu-ray]
Farscape: The Complete Seasons 1-4 (Go Entertain) [Blu-ray / Box Set]
IMAX: Dinosaurs Collection (BPDP) [Blu-ray / 3D Edition]
IMAX: Wonders of the World Collection (BPDP) [Blu-ray / 3D Edition]
Kung Fu Panda 2 (Paramount Home Entertainment) [Blu-ray / Normal]
Larry Crowne (StudioCanal) [Blu-ray / Normal]
Marley and Me 2 – The Puppy Years (20th Century Fox Home Ent.) [Blu-ray / Normal]
Outrage (StudioCanal) [Blu-ray / Normal]
Quadrophenia (Universal Pictures) [Blu-ray / Normal]
The Coen Brothers Blu-ray Collection (Universal Pictures) [Blu-ray / Box Set]
The Firm (Paramount Home Entertainment) [Blu-ray / Normal]
Toy Story (Walt Disney) [Blu-ray / 3D Edition]
Toy Story 2 (Walt Disney) [Blu-ray / 3D Edition]
Toy Story 3 (Walt Disney) [Blu-ray / 3D Edition]

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Interviews Podcast

Interview: Andrew Rossi on Page One: Inside the New York Times

Page One: Inside The New York Times is a new documentary about the challenges facing the famous US newspaper in the digital age.

Director Andrew Rossi was granted access to parts of the paper during an eventful year, which included the Wikileaks affair, US troops pulling out of Iraq, the decline of US print journalism and the rise of Twitter.

As newspapers go out of business, the film also focuses on two contrasting media reporters, David Carr and Brian Stelter, as they report on the emerging realities of the Internet era and the struggle news institutions, such as their own, face as traditional advertising revenues decline.

Andrew Rossi previously directed the HBO documentary Le Cirque: A Table In Heaven (2007) and was was also associate producer on Control Room (2004).

I spoke with him recently in London about his new film and you can listen to the interview by clicking below:


You can also download this interview as a podcast via iTunes by clicking here or get the MP3 directly here.

Page One: Inside The New York Times is released byย Dogwoof at selected cinemas on Friday 23rd September

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