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Marc Andreessen on Charlie Rose

This interview with Netscape founder and Silicon Valley investor Marc Andreessen from last year is fascinating.

As the author of the first widely-used web browser (Mosaic), a serial investor (in companies like Digg and Twitter) and a board member in key web companies (Facebook and eBay) he is in a good position to comment on how the web is changing the world in which we live.

A few interesting snippets include:

  • The stupidity of Viacom suing Google
  • The potential of Twitter
  • How he is responsible for both Firefox (which came out of Netscape) and Internet Explorer (which came from Mosaic)
  • Why The New York Times should cancel its print operations as soon as possible
  • Why kids living on their laptops (figuratively speaking) is ‘fantastic’
  • Why Andy Grove of Intel is one of the most important figures in the history of modern tech
  • Google was the first search engine that really worked and once they unlocked ‘the advertising problem‘ it became a ‘magic business’
  • At 42.45 he basically predicts the iPad
  • Why the economic crisis of 2008 didn’t affect Silicon Valley in the same way as the 2001 slump did (although the ongoing recession will have a long term effect)
  • A possible solution to the banking crisis

[Link via Anne Thompson]