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Norton, Tyler and Leterrier discuss The Incredible Hulk

Edward Norton, Liv Tyler and director Louis Leterrier sat down recently for an Unscripted Moviefone chat about The Incredible Hulk.

I saw the film last night and despite the reports about strife on the set, it is a solidly entertaining Marvel adaptation.

The Hulk is perhaps the trickiest character to get right on the big screen but the new film does a good job, not only in getting the CG down better but in making a more focused and compelling story.

I always wondered how they were going to position the story in relation to the last Hulk film and strangely it appears to take off after the last one with Banner in South America looking for a cure.

However, that is about the only concession as the film establishes it’s own back story with a smart and efficient opening credits sequence that functions as a prologue.

Wisely, they are quite restrained with the CGI for the Hulk – the rendering is better and there is smarter use of light and how they reveal him.

The action is well done, even if it gets a little repetitive (basically the Hulk takes on the military and smashes stuff up) but the lead performances are good.

Norton proves what a versatile actor he can be, giving Banner depth as well as charm and Tyler is solid as Ross. William Hurt and Tim Roth are little bit too one dimensional, but it’s not too much of a big deal.

So, I’m guessing that whilst it won’t do huge numbers, it has successfully put the Hulk franchise back on track.

But given Tony Stark’s appearance in the film (and Nick Fury’s cameo in Iron Man), what could Marvel be planning?

Some kind of team-up film perhaps?

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