Ridley Scott Searchlab Lecture

In 2002 director Ridley Scott gave an interesting Searchlab Lecture in which he talked for over an hour about his career.

It was posted by Fox Searchlight as part of their series of web videos where they get directors to discuss their craft.

Presented in four parts, he covers the following:

  • How he almost became a fashion photographer
  • Working with D.A. Pennebaker on the landmark documentary Primary (1960)
  • His time directing live television at the BBC and moonlighting in commercials.
  • The rising costs of movie making
  • How perfectionism and pragmatism can make a good mix.
  • Dealing with actors
  • Matte paintings and the dangers of CGI
  • Why comics are difficult to adapt
  • How MTV gave Blade Runner a second life
  • The problem of finding a good writer
  • Why he finds storyboarding crucial
  • Auditioning actors and the importance of good casting tapes
  • Why comprehensive script read throughs are a waste of time
  • Recording read throughs with principal actors on audio
  • Working with actors on set
  • Why he likes filming actors with two cameras
  • Pitfalls facing rookie directors
  • The importance of ‘just doing it’
  • Art vs commerce and whether the general audience is smart or not (interesting answer!)
  • Editing and the importance of cutting to music

N.B. The video contains some industrial language so don’t play it too loudly if you are in the office ๐Ÿ˜‰

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