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Kevin Smith on the /Filmcast

If you didn’t catch it the other night the /Filmcast podcast with special guest Kevin Smith was great.

It was a discussion of The Dark Knight but also got into other areas such as the new Watchmen trailer, the Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher films (my favourite anecdote was what Kevin was doing the day in 1989 when Batman came out) and the possible villains in the next Nolan film.

What’s nice is that the conversation is relaxed but intelligent (I liked the use of the term Nolan-verse) and full of passion about the Batman character and films.

One point that stuck out for me was when they mused on the fact that Warner Bros actually greenlit and stumped up the cash for a blockbuster as ambitious and dark as this – so props to the suits at Burbank for allowing Nolan to bring his vision to the screen.

A few years ago a friend of mine showed me the first DVD of An Evening with Kevin Smith and I was surprised how funny and engaging he could be on stage (especially as he plays Silent Bob in his movies). But some of the stories are hilarious.

One anecdote about working with producer Jon Peters on a Superman film in the mid-90s was a particular highlight:

You can listen to the /Film podcast with Kevin Smith here, download it as an MP3 or subscribe via RSS or iTunes.

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