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A Conversation with Ari Emanuel

Last November Hollywood super-agent Ari Emanuel sat down for a chat with CNBC’s Julia Boorstin at the Web 2.0 summit.

As the CEO of William Morris Endeavor Entertainment he is one of the key players in the industry and the 45 minute discussion focuses on the economics of the entertainment business and the challenges of the digital age.

Some key points from the discussion are:

  • Why “There’s no one answer anymore”
  • How talent is monetised in the digital world
  • WME’s deal with LinkedIn
  • The ‘painful’ negotiations with Fox over Seth MacFarlane’s deal
  • Tensions between Silicon Valley and Hollywood
  • Google TV and the established TV networks
  • The importance of cost and worth
  • Should stars use social networks to broadcast themselves?
  • A possible deal with Facebook to fund a movie
  • Why he isn’t sure yet about signing YouTube stars
  • Why the music labels probably regret making the pricing deals with Apple a few years ago
  • His concerns about piracy
  • How Ari have advised a young Mark Zuckerberg
  • What he thinks of Ari Gold, the fictional agent in Entourage that was based on him
  • There is also a flash of his famous temper around the 30 minute mark in a question about piracy.

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