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Apollo 11 Moon Landing Videos

It is the 40th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landings today and here are some videos to commemorate the event.

A brief introductory snapshot:

This is NASA footage of the launch on July 16th, 1969:

This is when Neil Armstrong made ‘one giant leap for mankind’:

Buzz Aldrin becomes the 2nd man on the moon:

A montage:

Slate have done a clever job of using contemporary news footage (especially of last year’s US election) to imagine how news media would cover a moon landing today:

If you want to check out two films about the Apollo moon landings then I would recommend For All Mankind (1989) and In The Shadow of the Moon (2007).

> Official NASA site
> Find out more about the Moon landings and Apollo 11 at Wikipedia
> An interview I did last year with David Sington, the director of In the Shadow of the Moon
> For all the conspiracy goons, check out the trailer for the film that helped launch all those theories