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UK DVD & Blu-ray Picks: Monday 10th December 2012

Including The Colditz Story and Following


The Colditz Story (Studiocanal): This 1955 World War 2 drama directed by Guy Hamilton (who later went on to direct several Bond movies) is based on the book ‘The Colditz Story’ by Pat Reid. Starring John Mills as Reid, Ian Carmichael and Lionel Jeffries, it is one of the most notable depictions of the Nazi prison. Extras include a 53 minute documentary about the castle and a feature on the restoration. [Buy the DVD or Blu-ray from Amazon]

Following (Criterion): This Region 1 import of Christopher Nolan‘s debut feature is worth seeking out, especially if you admire his later films like Memento (2000) and The Prestige (2006). An extraordinary production achievement (it was shot in London for just £6,000 on weekends), it attracted enough attention at festivals for the next step in his career. [Buy from Amazon]

[N.B. The Blu-ray is region encoded for America, so if you don’t have a multi-region Blu-ray player get the DVD instead]

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