The Cruise Run

Why is Tom Cruise always running in his films?

With the latest Mission Impossible film opening it is time to ask the question: why is Tom Cruise always running in his films?

This compilation by Xerzes Cortes neatly showcases the films where he is running (75%!) and – for reasons of balance – points out the ones where he didn’t.

I’m pretty sure this meme all began with a spoof Nike ad in 2006, but when you see them back-to-back like this I wonder if it is a coincidence that Cruise just chooses energetic roles or if he’s now just messing with us.

Even in the Ghost Protocol trailer there are at least two sequences (involving the Kremlin and a Dubai sandstorm) where he is doing what can only be termed a ‘Cruise run’.

Maybe the on-set exercise is part of the reason he still looks so young? 😉

> Tom Cruise at the IMDb
> Nike spoof from 2006