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The Dark Knight Rises Starts Filming in Pittsburgh

The Dark Knight Rises began filming in Pittsburgh this week at various locations around the city.

The Dark Knight Rises began filming in Pittsburgh this week.

Director Christopher Nolan, star Christian Bale and producer Emma Thomas recently spoke at a press conference hosted by the Pittsburgh Film Office.

After words from the director of the film office and governor of Pennsylvania, Nolan mentioned that he was drawn to the “unique architecture” of the city and that it will be “somewhat disrupted” within the story of the film.

Bale also made a joke about wearing the rubber batsuit in the hot weather despite the fake snow being used for some scenes and that they’ll be “fighting on the streets”, which suggests large outdoor action scenes.

Batman Begins (2005) and The Dark Knight (2008) used a mixture of British and US locations, with Chicago being transformed into a memorable Gotham City, especially in the second film.

I’m not sure whether the reason for switching to Pittsburgh was financial (better tax breaks), artistic (maybe the look of the city was more suited to this film) or a mixture of both.

In honour of the Batman crew arriving in town, the Batman logo was projected on to the city skyline a few nights ago.

This news report shows that filming is going on in a residential street of the city:

They show the fake snow and the IMAX cameras that the film is being shot on: after filming most of the action sequences in The Dark Knight on the IMAX format, DP Wally Pfisterย has said he wants to shoot as much as possible in the larger, highest resolution format.

By the way, this is what that house looks like on Google Street View:

It seems odd that they are filming a massive blockbuster on what seems to be a small residential street, but perhaps Nolan wanted the raw feel of an actual location, rather than just duplicate buildings on a large soundstage.

This CBS Pittsburgh report shows a bit more background, including how the production has paid for local residents to take their dogs away for a day (in case they bark during filming) and how a particular house has been completely taken over.

Footage has also surfaced of three Batmobiles, painted in the camoflage colours we saw in Batman Begins.

There are also reports that the film is going to shoot a sequence at Heinz Field, the home of the Pittsburgh Steelers, which holds 65,000 people.

On the Steelers official website there is this announcement:

Steelers fans can see the filming of โ€œThe Dark Knight Rises,โ€ in person as the movie will be shot in Pittsburgh and is looking for fans to be a part of a stadium crowd. The movie is looking for fans to fill a stadium in the Pittsburgh area on Saturday, August 6. The one-day filming runs from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and is open to anyone 14-years old and up. Anyone under 18-years old must be accompanied by an adult. Fans will be asked to bring the same energy they do to Steelers games as they cheer on the Gotham Rogues in a football game against their rival the Rapid City Monuments.

In recent movies involving large stadium crowds, such as Invictus (2009), the trend was to use visual effects to fill out the ground, but it seems like Nolan and his team want to create the live action atmosphere of a real game.

One theory about the new film is that there is a strong connection with the first Nolan Batman film.

If you’ve seen the recent teaser trailer, the scene with Gordon (Gary Oldman) in a hospital bed suggests that Bruce Wayne reneged on the deal they struck at the end of The Dark Knight.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that the evil that Gordon talks of is something to do with Bane (Tom Hardy) and my guess is that for the new film Batman has to begin all over again.

Not only does Gotham presuambly blame him for the death of Harvey Dent, but I suspect that Nolan wants to bring things full circle with the first film so that the franchise has a neat resolution (I think he has decided that this will definitely be his last).

We shall find out what happens when the film opens next July, but it is interesting to see that they are utilising the exterior locations of an American city.

Part of what has made the franchise work so well is the mixture of fantastical subject matter within a believable, urban world.

It seems that Pittsburgh is going to provide another side to Nolan’s Gotham.

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