George W Bush meets Mark Zuckerberg

If there is a sequel to The Social Network, the November meet up between Mark Zuckerberg and George W Bush has to be in it.

Back in November George W Bush went to the headquarters of Facebook to have a chat with Mark Zuckerberg.

If David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin team up again for a sequel to The Social Network, this has to be in it.

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As for the bit where they discuss Wikileaks and Cablegate, could it get any more zeitgeisty?

The man responsible for two US-led wars, the guy who invented Facebook and one of the biggest news stories of recent times all collide at this point.

Some other things to note include:

  • After leaving office Bush became a Blackberry person and is now an iPad person (although he later admits not using it too much)
  • He uses ‘The Facebook’ (notice how he calls it by the original name) and even did this awkward video address on it.
  • He doesn’t use his iPod anymore because he likes ‘the sound of birds’.

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