The Opening of Alien 3

A video which explores the look of David Fincher’s Alien 3 and how it compares to the first two films in the series.

In retrospect the Alien films have had some pretty remarkable directors in Ridley Scott, James Cameron, David Fincher and Jean-Pierre Jeunet.

The first two are benchmark sci-fi horror films, whilst the third and fourth had various production problems which led to a significant drop off in quality (we’ll politely ignore the mediocre irrelevance of the AVP franchise).

But given that Alien 3 (or Alien³ as it was styled) was the feature debut of Fincher and it is interesting to re-examine where it stands in relation to his other work.

This video by Matt Zoller Seitz and Aaron Aradillas for the Museum of the Moving Image takes an in-depth look at the credits of Alien 3, how it compared to the first two films and the MTV techniques which were incorporated into the film, beginning with his 1990 video for Madonna’s Express Yourself.

It is part of a series on the site on Fincher’s credit sequences, in the run up to the opening of The Social Network in early October.

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