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UK DVD Releases: Monday 9th March 2009

DVD Picks 09-03-09


L.A. Confidential (Warner): The acclaimed 1997 adaptation of James Ellroy’s novel gets a 2-disc special edition re-release. Directed by Curtis Hanson and co-written by Brian Helgeland, it explores corruption within the Los Angeles police in the 1950s and its connection to Hollywood

It provided substantial roles for Russell Crowe and Guy Pearce early in their mainstream careers and featured sterling work by Kim Basinger (who won an Oscar), Danny DeVito and Kevin Spacey in the supporting cast.

The film still stands up today as a deeply satisfying crime thriller and the extras are as follows:

Disc 1  
  • Commentary by Andrew Sarris, James Ellroy, Russell Crowe, Kevin Spacey, Guy Pearce, James Cromwell, Ruth Myers, David Strathairn, Kim Basinger, Brian Helgeland Jeannine Oppewall, Dante Spinotti and Danny DeVito
  • Music Only Track
  • Trailers and TV Spots
    • Showest
    • Nite Owl Action
    • Hollywood
    • Theatrical Trailer
    • Soundtrack Promo

Disc 2

  • Whatever You Desire: Making L.A. Confidential (29:30)
  • Sunlight and Shadow: The Visual Style of L.A. Confidential (21:30)
  • A True Ensemble: The Cast of L.A. Confidential (24:34)
  • L.A. Confidential: From Book to Screen (21:07)
  • Off the Record – includes interviews with cast and crew (18:50)
  • Photo Pitch – Recreated in this featurette is director Curtis Hanson’s original pitch for L.A. Confidential (8:26)
  • L.A. Confidential [2000 TV Pilot] (46:25)
  • The L.A. of L.A. Confidential Interactive Map Tour
    • Formosa Café
    • Sid Hudgen’s Office
    • Victory Motel
    • Bidwell’s Office
    • Nick’s Liquor
    • Lynn Bracken’s House
    • Frolic’s Room
    • Pierce Patchett’s House
    • Movie Premiere Pot Bust
    • Mrs. Leffert’s House
    • Nite Owl Café
    • Navarette’s Hole-up
    • Fitch House
    • City Hall 

Generation Kill (HBO): A 7-part HBO television miniseries based on the book of the same name by Evan Wright, adapted for television by David Simon (best known for his work on The Wire), Ed Burns, and Wright.

Wright’s book detailed his experiences writing for Rolling Stone as an embedded reporter with the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion‎ of the United States Marine Corps during the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Although different in many ways to The Wire, it is an impressive portrait of the first 40 days of the Iraq war from the perspective of the US Marines.

Extras include:

  • Generation Kill: A Conversation with the 1st Recon Marines
  • Making Generation Kill: Includes exclusive interviews with writers/producers, cast & crew as well as discussions of the challenges faced while shooting in Africa for 133 days- 30 minutes featurette
  • Eric Ladin’s video diaries
  • 6 Audio commentaries include interviews with creators David Simons & Ed Burns, and with the author Evan Wright



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