Empire’s Done In 60 Seconds Competition 2009

Empire Jameson logoEmpire magazine are running their Done in 60 Seconds competition again this year.

This involves them challenging budding film makers to put together a 1 minute video of their interpretation of a film.

The entries are submitted and the winner gets an Empire Award presented to them at the Empire Awards aswell as having their 60 second video played at the ceremony.

Here is a compilation of last years entries:

The rules remain basically the same: your movie must be a 60 second remake of a feature film and not involve any copyright infringement, ie music, product placement or nudity.

The only other stipulation they have this year, as 2009 marks Empire’s 20th year, is that the film you choose was made during Empire’s lifetime (ie, since 1989).

Here are a list of do’s and don’ts


  • Remake a movie of your choice from 1989 onwards (no originality required)
  • Use your friends and family (make sure your cast have agreed to perform)
  • As many as you want (it’s your time)
  • Feel free to ‘adapt’ the film to fit the format (you don’t have to be completely faithful)


  • Go over one minute in length, youโ€™ll be disqualified
  • Slander anyone (Empire have an aversion to court cases)
  • Do pornography, we are trying to run a decent magazine here
  • Use any footage that is not your own (no ‘mashing’ allowed)

To enter just visit the Awards section at the Empire site: